Blog Happens.

Blog is one of the most disgusting-sounding words I have ever heard.  My friend Dave pointed out that ‘blog’ sounds much like something you might leave in the toilet.  I agree.  Dave also suggested a borrowed replacement term, which I have decided to adopt until something better comes along – Wordcast

Don’t let it happen to you.

Obviously, I have pretty much no control over what 99.9% of the world calls a weblog (as of now), but if I can convince anyone, even one person, to start using the term ‘wordcast’ instead of ‘blog’, I will be happy.  I understand that the point of calling a weblog a ‘blog’ is to shorten the term, and the term ‘wordcast’ does not accomplish that.  May I suggest the following options:  CAST (obviously);  ORDCA (the five middle letters of ‘wordcast’) WAST (WordcAST), which makes you sound like Elmer Fudd saying ‘last’, and my favorite, DUB (from ‘wordcast’ to ‘w-cast’ to ‘dubya-cast’ to ‘dub’)  .  Hmm.  In review, I think I need to go back to the drawing board…sigh.

Stick Around. It’s Delicious.

This wordcast contains macaroni (topics of substance) and cheese (topics that are really good for nothing but a little flavor) and sometimes macaroni and cheese (topics that include a little of both).  Enjoy.


  1. Actually, Dave didn’t suggest the name ‘blogroll’. It was one of his commentors. And I implemented it on my site first. Tell everyone you know.

  2. Good to see you online Molly – this is really Nathan from metro-Cleveland. I heard you started blogging. Have you only one post so far?

    I moved from Cleveland to Philly about 3 years ago and have some work cut out for me there. I appreciate your commitment to the fasted lifestyle but you can take the Cheesesteak Challenge anytime you are in Philly.

  3. Nathan Haas?!? Or…?

    Hey! I think it’s really strange that you heard I started wordcasting 🙂 since I started a day and half ag0 – hence why I do only have one post as of yet.

    What are you doing in Philly? I will joyfully take the Cheesesteak Challenge if ever in Philly, a couple times over, if neccesary. I don’t even know what it is but it sounds supremely enjoyable. It would be a good excuse to come visit you anyway.

  4. Shawn, I have to say, I kind of doubt that you invented the term ‘blogroll.’ I never knew you were a liar. 🙂

  5. Not Haas. The other dude from young adults. Not your brother either… I thought Haas was down in KC for awhile though… here is a link to a really old photo if you still do not know…

    I am originally from Philly. We could use some more prayer people here. Glad you are up for a Cheesesteak. If you or your friends are ever in town, I think you will qualify. CBB

  6. doh! Why did type blogroll? I totally meant ‘wordcast’. wierd.

  7. I think it’s cuz you like the word ‘blog’. 🙂
    ps – i love your wordcast. pretty much want to marry it.

  8. Nathan Eckel! Hey! Glad to hear from you. What are you up to, friend?

  9. In lieu of not finding an email, I’ll give you an abbreviated update –

    1. Doing a bit of recording and some concertizing (there’s 30 minutes of free Debussy downloads on that link btw!)
    2. Working for national defense of all things
    3. Would like to come back out for a JoCo in the next year
    4. Harp & Bowl in my free time. Starting to get networked like nuts out here.

    Hey thanks for the link, you beat me to it. But I started a new link category on the CBB in your honor!

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