Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Yes. But what does this mean? Many people sing this song and immediately assume that these lyrics justify complete unrestraint in the expression of their heart in a corporate gathering – freedom to shout, freedom to dance, freedom to clap and sing as loudly as desired. I greatly appreciate corporate contexts where this behavior is valued and expressed. I love clapping, shouting and dancing. What I do not appreciate is mass misunderstanding of the principle of this verse and the implications of this misunderstanding to a corporate body. Without understanding, immaturity and self-seeking fester, and a lack of meekness and love is the result. Continue Reading »



Flamingo Road Church in Cooper City, Florida just launched a website – ivescrewedup.com – where you can confess your sins anonymously for all the world wide web to see. Jennifer Lebovich of the Miami Herald wrote an article about this site, portions of which I’ve included below:  Continue Reading »


Well, the mysterious and potentially diagnostic pain in my ear is completely gone! Yay! Thanks to everyone who prayed for me. I’m glad to not feel like someone is shoving an envelope-opener into my ear canal anymore. Continue Reading »

Just wanted to noise the good news abroad! Katty is one of my best friends in the world and this is so exciting to me! Keep your ear tuned for the whole story someday soon! We love you Katty and Nate!!!!!

Well, I went to the emergency room earlier tonight to get to the bottom of some pretty intense stabbing pain in my ear that I’ve been feeling the last couple weeks. I thought it would go away but then my face and scalp started to hurt, on the right side of my head, the same side as the hurting ear. So I thought that was weird. So I went to St. Luke’s and they checked me out. All I can say is, dear Lord, please don’t let the doctor’s diagnosis be true. Continue Reading »

WHY 9?

Here’s a tough one – why do most alarm clocks’ snooze alarms go off every 9 minutes? I would think 10 would be the obvious choice. Those 9 minutes are brutal – I’m guessing there’s something scienctific behind 9 – it must be the perfect number of minutes to let you almost drift back to sleep, and then BAM! You are jolted awake, robbed of that 10th minute that would have somehow made the alarm less annoying. Anyone know what’s up with the 9 minutes?

Also, for fun, try to convey what your alarm sounds like. Mine is like this…EHNT, EHNT, EHNT, EHNT…



Kiss your coffee goodbyeShower Shock soap featured by Think Geek helps you wake up because it contains caffeine, which you absorb directly into your skin as you lather up.

I know.

Continue Reading »


The Book

A random comment by Mike Baker on Steve and Amanda Offfut’s wordcast prompted me to remember one of my favorite books from when I was a kid – BARBAPAPA! Who remembers the awesomeness that Barbapapa was? I have not met many people who have even heard of him, so I’d be really interested to find out who knows what I’m talkin’ about.

Continue Reading »

I love this guy. Nathan graced IHOP-KC with his permanent presence about a year ago, hailing from St. Louis. Continue Reading »

A recent post on personality tests by David Sliker prompted me to follow suit. I took an online test based on the Carl Jung and Myers-Briggs approach and have posted my results below.The results were stunning to me in that they were #1. accurate, #2. detailed, and #3. finally provided explanation as to why I do certain things – it’s actually quite liberating to know why!  It helps me appreciate my strengths and gives me a starting point to work on my weaknesses, instead of getting frustrated and confused.

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