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Well, it’s 3:58am and I should be sleeping but my head is full and my stomach is empty and I just can’t. I’m sitting here thinking about how much I really enjoy writing posts. The fact that I haven’t been able to in a while is bugging me.  Hmmm. Now what? The fact that so far on this post I actually got out 4 1/2 sentences plus 1 fragment is good news to me because the state my brain is in right now should warrant zero coherent communication. Here’s a random memory for you…

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Most of you have probably already checked it out, but if you haven’t, Shawn Blanc’s new weblog is worth your time. Especially if you are into Mac computers and a soothing mix of black, melon and gray. Continue Reading »

It’s a whole new world. Upon my return to my wordcast, lo and behold, to my shock and delight…your face! Your beautiful face! Continue Reading »

Yee-haw, it’s good to be back! Man, I feel like I was gone forever. 51 & 1/2 days to be exact. Did you miss me? I know some of you did, as evidenced by your whining – ahem – I mean, patient clamoring for more posts. 🙂 I have to warn you, I may be a bit rusty – you know how it is, trying to get back into the groove. I’m out of practice – who knows what I’ll be throwing at you the first week or so. You can’t say you weren’t warned. Continue Reading »

WordPress got us good with the whole “blog of the minute” prank, eh? When I saw that I was blog of the minute I said to myself, “that’s funny, I thought they purposefully picked the blog of the minute – it must be on a random picking process.” Even though at that point I knew that my blog wasn’t picked for its hits (I only get about 200-250 a day – not even close to the 5,000 necessary to even be a contender), I still felt pretty cool that the computer happened to randomly select my site from almost a million sites. I called my mom. Continue Reading »


I’ve changed up my sidebar to, hopefully, make your reading experience more enjoyable. I aim for clarity, simplicity and easy navigation. All changes are made with my readers in mind, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to let me know what you like or don’t like about my site so that I can know how to make your visits to my wordcast more enjoyable!


Are you new to the blogging wordcasting world? Longing for someone to explain what RSS is? Wondering how to remove that annoying Snap feature from your site? Daunted by the prospect of having to post something everyday? Like yourself, I too covet bits of advice that will pull me up above the surface of wordcasting woes. For a virtually comprehensive starter kit, check out this fabulous post by the illustrious Shawn Blanc and say goodbye to blogging blues.


Keep your seatbelts on. Once again, you’re in for a ride if you’re visiting me today. The quest for the perfect site layout continues. In fact, if you’d like to, comment on which factors you’d like to see enhanced on my site. At the top of my list are the following:

  • Readability
  • Simplicity in organization and layout
  • Easy navigation

Feel free to share any tips/opinions with me! 

I am repeating Matt Hartke’s most recent post – I want to make sure it is noised abroad.

If you are new to WordPress, you should read this and this, posted by Shawn Blanc.

Also, I would suggest that when you create a link, always choose to “open link in the same window.”

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I’m sick today 😦 and can’t muster up a whole lot of energy to do stuff, but I did manage to modify most of the descriptions of the peeps on my list of “who you should check out” (Yes I do hate the term “blogroll” enough to use that ridiculously long sentence instead).

So, check em out – you know, they’re the little boxes that pop up when you place your cursor over someone’s name.  I love that feature!  It’s like opening a little present. Currently my favorite description is the one I ascribed to Emily Russell, who – give it up – is now wordcasting! I’m also particularly fond of the descriptions I gave to…

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