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Well, it’s 3:58am and I should be sleeping but my head is full and my stomach is empty and I just can’t. I’m sitting here thinking about how much I really enjoy writing posts. The fact that I haven’t been able to in a while is bugging me.  Hmmm. Now what? The fact that so far on this post I actually got out 4 1/2 sentences plus 1 fragment is good news to me because the state my brain is in right now should warrant zero coherent communication. Here’s a random memory for you…

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Today – Easter Sunday – marks the absolute pinnacle of our Christian faith. Without this day, our faith would be 100% futile. If Jesus did not die, resurrect from the dead and ascend into heaven as King of all, we have no hope and are to be pitied the most among all men. The events of this day 2000 years ago must be the foundation of the expression of our Christian faith. Let us ask ourselves if this be true of our own walk.

This morning at FCF, Allen Hood asked a question: Are you an aplogetic of the resurrection? This question can expose how much or how little our lives testify to the following: 
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Here’s a verse that’s kind of strange. For years, every time I read it, I went, “huh?” Recently I’ve asked around about it and I’ve got some interesting explanations. I’m not quite sure where I stand on it yet. I’d love to know what your take on it is. Continue Reading »

WordPress got us good with the whole “blog of the minute” prank, eh? When I saw that I was blog of the minute I said to myself, “that’s funny, I thought they purposefully picked the blog of the minute – it must be on a random picking process.” Even though at that point I knew that my blog wasn’t picked for its hits (I only get about 200-250 a day – not even close to the 5,000 necessary to even be a contender), I still felt pretty cool that the computer happened to randomly select my site from almost a million sites. I called my mom. Continue Reading »

I suppose I could look this up quite easily, but I’ll ask anyways. I started wondering about six months ago and everyone I’ve asked doesn’t know. If you don’t know, don’t look it up – instead, try and guess what it means. That will be more fun and then we can let someone who already knows have their spotlight. I will literally find you and shine a light on you if you know what this means, unless that would annoy you.

 Here’s my guess, which is completely founded on nothing: it’s an abbreviation of a latin term for the measurement of weight. 

So weigh in (hee hee) with your guess or the mysterious answer!

You know, that bright and shiny moment each day, week or month that you look forward to, that lifts you up above the same old, same old, and recharges you for more of the same old, same old. Do tell.

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You are walking from the concession stand back to your seat with your giant hot pretzel, partially covered in mustard, when someone bumps into you, causing your pretzel to slip from its wax-paper safety onto the floor, which has obviously been well-trafficked.  Quickly, adhering to the five-second rule, you bend over and retrieve your precious pretzel from the filth, and with confidence, shove it into your mouth.   And when I say ‘you’, I mean ‘me’.  Is this gross?  Delusional?  Valid?  How and where did this rule originate?  How universal (or not) is this rule?  Are there any known stipulations?  Is this a rule that we made up to justify consuming millions of particles of bacteria instead of losing our food?  And when does the prestigious ten-second rule apply?  I know, hard questions.  Who has the answers?

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