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I found a great excuse to post. Well, I guess I can’t really call it a post – it’s more like a few measly sentences leading you to click on this link. It’s pretty funny. I tend to really like the stuff that comes out of this dynamic young man‘s brain. If the first link doesn’t work for you, click on this and scroll down to the Saturday, October 6, 9:53pm post.


Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Yes. But what does this mean? Many people sing this song and immediately assume that these lyrics justify complete unrestraint in the expression of their heart in a corporate gathering – freedom to shout, freedom to dance, freedom to clap and sing as loudly as desired. I greatly appreciate corporate contexts where this behavior is valued and expressed. I love clapping, shouting and dancing. What I do not appreciate is mass misunderstanding of the principle of this verse and the implications of this misunderstanding to a corporate body. Without understanding, immaturity and self-seeking fester, and a lack of meekness and love is the result. Continue Reading »

I love conference-time at IHOP. Not because of the awesome teaching (which I love) or the excitement of the crowds (which I actually do not love), but because I get to drive the shuttles! I love volunteering for this job. Not only do you get the pleasure of weilding a lumbering, short bus down Red Bridge Road, but you also get to weild a lumbering, short bus down Grandview Road. And then again. And again. And…again. Continue Reading »

Meekness is cool at IHOP. I love that. Where else can you go where young adults think it’s cool to be overlooked, hidden, and humble? After being at IHOP for a couple months, you catch on that this is the thing to be. We all come with our ideas of what is radical, attractive and cool, and we do our best to promote that image. That’s normal human behavior. After we realize that being meek is the cat’s pajamas, we pick it up as quickly as we jumped in line to buy a pair of Jams in 1985. And just as easily as putting on a long pair of obnoxious, brightly-colored shorts, we try on meekness and strut our stuffContinue Reading »

I’ve had some questions about the scandal regarding the name badge I was wearing at the staff meeting Monday, so I figured I should post my position officially here on my site.  As ruthlessly disclosed on the Offutts wordcast by none other than Sarah Sun Kim, I was indeed not wearing my own name tag. 

Continue Reading »

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