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I recently almost lost 1 million dollars in a bet on how you spell “dilemma”. The only thing that kept me from losing all that money is the fact that I technically do not have 1 million dollars. But it was still scary. It started when a group of us (my Prayer Room Team, to be exact – holla) were discussing some notes from a recent sermon. I commented that the word “dilemma” was spelled wrong and ha, ha, wasn’t that funny. Well! One of my astute team members, David, told me I was absolutely wrong. A team-wide argument ensued. Continue Reading »


Hal Linhardt dropped a bomb at FCF.  A big one. I doubt there are any survivors, and that’s a good thing. I’d say God answered Hal’s opening prayer of “God, strap their flesh to Your railroad tracks and let the Holy Spirit Train run them over and kill them.” That was when I knew all was lost.  Besides giving a sermon that made me question my salvation, within the first ten minutes, he did the impossible: 1. He singlehandedly coined a new term – marijoine (the words marijuana and herione smashed together) and 2. He made bumper stickers about Jesus cool.

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