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Well, it’s 3:58am and I should be sleeping but my head is full and my stomach is empty and I just can’t. I’m sitting here thinking about how much I really enjoy writing posts. The fact that I haven’t been able to in a while is bugging me.  Hmmm. Now what? The fact that so far on this post I actually got out 4 1/2 sentences plus 1 fragment is good news to me because the state my brain is in right now should warrant zero coherent communication. Here’s a random memory for you…

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 It’s a lot more than just not eating, though that has a lot to do with it. 🙂 The fasted lifestyle is basically embracing voluntary weakness in every area of life—not very popular! It’s saying “yes” to weaknesses and “no” to our own strength. Doing this day in and day out does amazing things to the human soul. It causes us to see our own barrenness and dependency on God—it shows the worthlessness of those things that we rely on to bring us comfort, honor, security, and exhilaration. Continue Reading »

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