Well, it’s 3:58am and I should be sleeping but my head is full and my stomach is empty and I just can’t. I’m sitting here thinking about how much I really enjoy writing posts. The fact that I haven’t been able to in a while is bugging me.  Hmmm. Now what? The fact that so far on this post I actually got out 4 1/2 sentences plus 1 fragment is good news to me because the state my brain is in right now should warrant zero coherent communication. Here’s a random memory for you…

Diagramming sentences! Who remembers that? Oh, how I loved diagramming sentences! That was the joy of my eighth grade year. I could do it over and over and over. Do you remember how to do it? I do. “Eighth” is a weird word. You know what other word is causing me anxiety right now? “Dilemma.” The reason? Because for my whole life I thought it was spelled “Dilemna”. How crazy is that? I am seriously concerned about this. I always thought, “why is dilemna spelled with an ‘n’? That’s weird.” And now I find out it’s not. What made me think it had an ‘n’? I am kind of secretly wondering if the spelling just got recently changed or if the entire planet is pulling an April Fools Day joke on me in August. It disturbs me. Okay, bringing it back around – I am officially declaring war on the factors that keep me from posting. That’s it. I am inventing and adding a whole extra day to the week in order to find time to post. First one to tickle my fancy with a clever name for this new, 8th day of the week, wins! PS – you don’t really win anything, except you might impress me and that’s kind of like winning.


  1. I loved diagramming too! I’m not alone! My son thought I was a lunatic when we got to that in his Grammar book last year and I about did a jig. He looked at me like I just stepped off a space ship.

    I’m not so clever w/ funny things like what the 8th day of the week should be…. I’ll have to ask my funny family members!

  2. This is exactly why I still read your blog. Not because of diagrams, but because you’re just awesome.

  3. Aaron James

    The best April fools jokes are found in other months. I mean every body expects it on April 1st it takes real talent to think outside the calender.

    Speaking of outside the Calender, all the good day names are already in use. I wouldn’t add a new one I would just reuse one.

    Like “Monday 2” Or “Thursday: The Sequel”

  4. I disagree,
    I volunteer that this new 8th day be called


    It’s fun, it’s functional, it’s sassy!

    ” I’d love to go out and shop with you, how’s Safrasday looking on your schedule?”

    “I always get stuff done on Safrasday…”

    COME ON!

  5. Aaron James

    Ok that is pretty good.

    It’s the two best days smooshed together. It combines the satisfaction of “it’s Friday and I actually made it through another week” with “let’s sleep/bbq/make hot chocolate because it’s Saturday”

    Good Job!

  6. Thanks, let’s see what Molly thinks.

    She’d better like it, or I will cry.


    It wont’ be pretty.

  7. I’m just glad to see that taking the battle to the gnomes helps you post. Just look at that timing.

    And, you know, I don’t recall diagramming sentences. Not at all. Which probably helps explain why my writing skills are not where they should be.

    Oh, and wouldn’t be surprised if the spelling did change on you. But rather than assume a prank, I’ll just assume the entire universe changed. I see no compelling reason to believe that impossible.

    And the fact that I was reading this on the fight spot this morning jsut demonstrates that it was good to leave work early today…

  8. Okay, why don’t I remember diagramming sentences??? English and Lit classes were my absolute favorite all through my school years!! Perhaps we didn’t have that sort of lesson in Minnesota?! 😉

  9. Steven Chudy

    The day should be named after a cry for more Molly posts… so we could call it…MUNday. MUN = Molly U Now. Get it. Munda… Ah dang it! That day already exists. Well, we’ll just pronounce it with a long U sound. Like “moon” day. And then it can double as your favorite planet.

  10. I think the extra day should be called “Everyone Else Has Written A Post and Is Begging Mosack to Post” Day.

    Mo-Po-Day for short. 😀

  11. P.S. Diagramming is fun. My favorite diagramming model was the rocket-ship–looking one.

  12. idhrendur

    I’ve thought about this, and while everyone else’s ideas are funa and creative, I think like an engineer.

    Currently, four days of the week are drawn from Norse mythology. The other three are named for astronomical bodies. With an eigth day, we can abalance this out. I would guess that the next brightest object in the sky is either Jupiter or Mars (my google skills are failing me at the moment), so the day should probably be Jupiday or Marday. Being a ninja, I personally like the idea of a day named for the Roman god of war, so Marday it is!

  13. benjaminwood

    Dia-Whats, I don’t even know what you are talking about. That word is not even in a vocabulary like mine. Although Jennifer’s attempt at naming the eighth day (chuckle, chuckle, funny word… eighth) was a well thought up attempt to do declare that the new day be called…

    ENDOMFATSEASPITL – Eighthnewdayofmomoforalltosomedayenjoyatsomepointinthierlives.

  14. Mars was already taken, ninja boy. The original Latin version of the 7 day calender contained the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. The only two celestial bodies left are Pluto, which has recently been downgraded to a Dwarf planet, and might feel insecure standing next to the others (although he might make the Moon feel a little better), and Earth. So I think we should call the eighth day ‘Earthday.’

    No? Ok.

  15. Wait, I’m confused…
    It’s NOT April fools day?????

    My life is a lot like the movie Ground Hogs Day, except it’s April 1st.

  16. I didn’t do well at diagramming sentences, yet I knew how to spell dilemma.

    I had a roommate once who enjoyed making up new words. Unlike most people, his words were not at all related to real words, and he didn’t necessarily assign a meaning to them. They were like undiscovered, untamed words that you would find in the wild.

    I’ll share one of those words that has stuck with me, let me know if you like the sound of it:


  17. Back in Chi-town I had some friends who invented an entire slang system called ‘Jibbs.’ Friends were called ‘skeebs,’ and if you ever didn’t know what to say, you just said ‘hobbes.’ There enough words and phrases to make ebonics look like child’s play, but as I type them, I can’t help but feel more and more ridiculous.

  18. aaron

    hey, i read you like jam bands. Did you ever like the band Phish, what kind of jam bands do you like. Just wondering.. Blessings

  19. Tracie – I’m so glad you like diagramming too! It just really makes me happy.

    Aaron and Jennifer – I like the way you two carry on conversations on other people’s wordcasts. It’s very charming and I think you should do it more often. I like both of your suggestions for the new day. “Thursday…the sequel” has a nice ring to it. Now, for Safrasday, I think it depends on how you say it. Where’s the emphasis? Is it SA-fras-day or sa-FRAS-day? I kind of like either, actually. Don’t cry Jennifer. I like it.

    Idhrendur – I am amazed at your awesome timing. You totally kicked those gnomes’ buttocks!!! Yay! Thanks, friend. Also, I like your Italian spin on your second comment. “Funa” and “abalance” made me giggle.

    Cara – I have no clue why you never did it…but I’m sorry you never got to experience the joy of it!

    Chudy – Munday is not bad. Not bad at all.

    Ducky – I like Mo-Po day. It makes me want a moped. And yes! the rocket ship one really made you think, didn’t it? Oh, the more challenging, the better. I relished in the ones that the rest of my classmates hated. I was a nerd.

    Ben – I think you would probably hate diagramming. Understandably. It’s very analytical – like a math equation with words. Your suggestion for the new day is incredible. I think I sense some fighting words towards Jennifer. Is this going to get ugly?

    Refe! Welcome, friend. So glad to have you. I see you are starting things off with a bang, practically picking a fight with my good ninja friend Idhrendur. That’s okay, I like things a little spicy.

    Steve – 🙂

    Gagne – Hey bud! Ok, ploardle is horrible. It’s like a terrible mixture of plethora and chortle. Oh! Shudder. By the way, I got to the bottom of the dilemma dilemna…

    Refe – wow. Uh…hobbes.

    Aaron – hey, thanks for checking out my site. Yes, I was REALLY into Phish for several years. I also liked String Cheese Incident and Ekostic Hookah and Pork Tornado, obviously. How bout you?

  20. The Dad

    Yes, an added day would be VERY helpful.
    How about Eksdraday? (or is that a Saggett?)

  21. Dad – Well, I don’t think it’s quite Saget-status, but Nathan might disagree. 🙂 I think it’s fair to say that he has the final say on all things Saget, judging from the way he explodes at any hint of a Saget-y statement. I like Eksdraday. It’s definitely in my top five. Love ya!

  22. aaron

    Yea, I use to really be into that stuff. Phish was one of my favorites. I don’t think I ever really listened to pork tornado, wasn’t Jon Fishman in that band?? I was into the whole jam band culture,, smoked alot of weed. Went through a season were God got ahold of my heart and the power of God hit me one day watching benny hinn, and left all that stuff then. I think they are really talented bands..I always thought about Trey Anastasio getting saved and playing guitar in the prayer room,, Trey playing Spirit led jams..that would be something else,haha…. Blessings to you,

  23. Hey Aaron, sounds like we have a similar testimony. Yeah, Pork Tornado was Fishman’s side band. I was into that whole scene too and then God encountered me and I left it all behind too. Thank God!!! I agree they are talented bands. I don’t listen to them anymore at all. Let’s keep praying for Trey and the guys. 🙂

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