It’s a whole new world. Upon my return to my wordcast, lo and behold, to my shock and delight…your face! Your beautiful face! 

The creator of my theme must’ve upgraded or something. Where before there was sadness and confusion and dismay, now there is joy and clarity and rejoicing. Oh, happy day! Oh happy little tanning goggles on Aaron James’ face! Oh lovely Retroman scaring me to death as an Agent! Oh wonderful Krispy Kreme beanie on top of Jared Diehl’s head! Or whatever that is! Yes, hallelujah for whatever that is! No really, these are good tears…it’s good.

It’s like a little gift, neatly wrapped, sitting on my doorstep, totally unexpected and just the very thing I wanted. It’s like the guys who created this theme came right through the screen and gave me a big kiss on the cheek – wait, would that be a good thing? Probably not. Okay, it’s like the opposite of the guys who created this theme coming right throught the screen and kissing me. But even better.

That’s all.


  1. Actually I think I am the guy from the Matrix. It looked cool, hence I chose it. CBB

  2. Aaron got glasses while you were gone Molly. They look super groovy. In the words of Susan Tuma “they are the link that was always missing..”

  3. So glad your mug is back! Hey, I am on wordpress now!

  4. Retroman: yeah, that’s what I thought I was talking about. Aren’t those guys from the Matrix called Agents?

    Jen: Nice.

    Soulpants: Welcome to WordPress! Smart move.

  5. Molly did you know Soul pants (i.e. the former pastor of Jennifers’ known as Chris) is from the same town as me? He was one of the pastors at my church in Seattle. I credit myself with them moving out here, I was kind of the Seattle “forerunner” to IHOP if you will.

    *waits for the deluge of “lies! we thought of it on our own!” from Chris*

  6. Ummm, how come my sweet little mug doesn’t show up. It it a wordpress groupie thing?

  7. Jen: Yeah I know! Chris and Yvette are awesome! Hilary was in my com group and introduced me to them a couple years ago. One time we all even had lunch together – sweet! Chris is the one who first planted the wordcasting seed in my heart. He rocks!

    Tracie: I have no clue…I was wondering the same thing. I thought maybe you just didn’t have one…I want to see your mug! 🙂

    Sean: ? 🙂

  8. Sean: I visited your site…I am very curious as to who you are…I’m honored to be on your blogroll…I’m just trying to figure out which of the Seans you are of the ones I know…:)

  9. Molly: My picture should have shown up? It usually does anyway. We don’t really know each other, I just thoroughly enjoy reading your stuff and using the links on your site, so I thought I’d give you some props! We posted comments to each other’s site, but it’s been a while. No sweat

  10. Sean – I remember you…your picture was you in a Santa hat, right?

  11. idhrendur

    It seems that you need a wordpress account…and to be logged in.

  12. benjaminwood

    Yes, MoMo is Back with a fury. And now you get to see a massive picture of B – Wood.

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