Well, I’m late but I’m going for it. Father’s Day was June 17th, but due to my Wordcast Fast, that day came and went with no virtual tribute. Today I want to honor my Pops with a belated acrostic. I LOVE YOU DAD!

B is for…Beating me at Scrabble almost every night – no, really, I’m not bitter. It’s fine. 🙂

E is for…Eight years of playing “Mother May I”, “Red light, Green light” and Somersault races with us kids through our childhood.

S is for…Saving our house from a fire about 15 years ago by turning on and grabbing the garden hose and a crowbar, dashing back into the house and up the stairs to smash the wall and douse the flames that were rising higher and higher while the rest of us watched from the curb. It was AWESOME!

T is for…Taking us to what was my first movie – E.T. – at a drive-in theatre where we watched from the top of his green Chevy Van.

D is for…Driving us to Hilton Head for family vacation – those memories are still some of the best of my life!

A is for…Assembling my strawberry shortcake bookshelf when I was 4, which took approximately 375 parts and 32 hours.

D is for…Depositing money in my account when I was on spring break in Florida (and COUNTLESS other times).

I is for…Instructing me in how to walk out my relationship with Christ since I was a little girl – guidance that has formed me into who I am and which I will cherish forever.

N is for…Not telling my mom some of the more stupid things I did as a teenager.

T is for…Teaching me how to fish for Walleye in Lake Erie.

H is for…Hours of playing catch in the park when I was 9, which mostly consisted of me wildly lobbing the softball nowhere near him, causing him to have to run after it over and over again.

E is for…Endlessly moving all my junk in and out of apartments during my college years – up and down countless steps and through impossible doorways – never complaining.

W is for…Watching the Muppet show – we 3 kids got to stay up late that night and snuggle with mom and dad in our PJs and eat popcorn – my dad makes the best popcorn ever!

O is for…Offering me anything he has, whenever I have need of something.

R is for…Running alongside my purple, banana-seated, Desert Rose bike, holding on to the handle bars, time after time after time, until I finally got it.

L is for…Letting me and my 10-yr old friends tag along to his Salvation Army League basketball games as cheerleaders – complete with outfits and pom-poms. How obnoxious. I had no idea. But he let us come and shriek out our cheers.

D is for…Donning this funny pink thing for a laugh:


For those of you who couldn’t quite figure out my cryptic message, it spells out…wait for it, wait for it…

BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!! Because he is. My dad is incredible. He is kind and patient and generous and FUN! He loves people unbelievably unconditionally. I don’t know anyone who loves others like he does. He has poured his life into our family – he has always worked so hard and so cheerfully to provide for us and always came home after a long work-day with a big smile and ready to spend time with us. He makes me feel safe and loved. His tenderness towards me has freed me to grow into the person I am with confidence and strength. He always shoots me straight and lovingly wins me to wisdom and truth. He believes in me, prays for me and supports me. I know that he will always be there for me – my counselor, my supporter and my friend! Thanks for loving me so well, dad! Happy Belated Father’s Day!!!


  1. Tony’s a good man. But not such a good road rally driver 🙂

    This acrostic is almost is good as Mr. T’s
    song. Got to check it out on youtube. CBB

  2. *little weepy*
    I want to hang out with your dad now.

  3. Mrs. I.

    From your description of your mother and your father, I would say that you are – and have been – a very blessed child. The fact that you obviously realize this and are thankful & appreciative must warm the cockles of your parents’ hearts!! : )

  4. Retroman: I think it depends on how you define “good”. He may beg to differ. My mom would probably agree with you. 🙂

    Jen: we have cool dads. sweet.

    Mrs. I: you’ve got it! I was and am so very blessed – they are awesome!

  5. The Dad

    Moll Doll
    I read this a while back but didn’t get to say “THANKS!”

    I loved the ancient reminders!!! 🙂

    Love ya Bug.


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