I so enjoyed reading this post by Shawn Blanc that I decided to do one myself. I’ll share with you what a typical Friday is like for me, because that’s my day-off, and it’s usually more diverse than a regular day, which would look like: work, eat, pray, sleep – unless it was Tuesday, which would then look like: pray, pray, pray, sleep. So, here’s a glimpse into my oh-so-exciting life: A look at yesterday, Friday the 11th, a day-off in the life of Molly. 🙂

8:30am: Alarm goes off. Wham! I hit the snooze.

8:39am: You got it – nine minutes later, it goes off again. 🙂 This time I turn it off, and plan to just lay there for a minute. I fall alseep.

8:42am: I wake up suddenly. How long have I been sleeping? Hours? I look at the clock. 3 minutes. I get up.

8:45am: I turn on my computer and journal a couple thoughts that are jumping around in my brain.

8:58am: Take my first shot of Xango (Zane-go) for the day. Xango is a Mangosteen fruit juice supplement. I take 2 shots a day. I call it my miracle juice, cuz it’s helped me so much with various things.

8:59am: Boil water for my French Press. I’m drinking Starbucks French Roast this month. I take some frozen OJ out of freezer and stir it up, and I make some pancake batter with blueberries – I’m having Katty over for breakfast.

9:15am: Open curtains, straighten up living room and bathroom. Pour my first cup of joe. Thank God for the millionth time for good coffee.

9:23am: Get a text from Katty – she can’t come for breakfast because she has to take her roommate to the ER. I say a thirty second prayer for the roomate.

9:25am: Go into kitchen and stare at pancake batter. Decide to make pancakes, an omelette, and sausage. A nice change from the typical raisin bran.

10am: Sit down with breakfast and watch “The Price is Right”. I couldn’t be happier. During commercials I make a “to do” list for the day.

11am: Start on my “to do” list. First order of business – do something about our lawn, which now boasts 2-foot tall grass. We are officially “those people” in the neighborhood. I get out the Yellow Pages and start dialing numbers. I call all the companies with funny names, skipping the boring ones, like “Smith and sons”, or “Legacy Lawn and Garden”. I call “Lawn and Order,” “Big Daddy Lawn Service,” “The Lawn Firm,” “The Lawn Ranger,” and “Weed Man.” I also call “EconoLawn,” whose tagline is “why pay more?” but they turn out to be the most expensive. Most of the places I call go to voicemail. I look at the clock – 11:21am. I figure everyone is out working or maybe at lunch, so I decide to try later.

11:25am: I go outside and walk around our property to check it out. We have probably about 100 trees and there are numerous large branches that have fallen down in various places. The grass is so tall that it is grazing against my fingers as I walk. I decide to go over and apologize to my neighbor.

11:34am: I meet my neighbor Larry for the first time. He is working in his garage. I apologize for our unsightly lawn and he is really nice about it. I tell him we are trying to find someone to do it and he offers to do it himself. He has a rider, he says, and he used to cut the lawn for the previous owner. Sweet! We agree on a price and he says he’ll be over in the morning. Ah, relief.

11:40am: I start picking up all the fallen branches. This takes a while because there are a lot of them and they’re big and heavy and they’re spread out all over our 3 acres. I drag each one to the wood pile on the side of the house, panicking each time a potato bug or thousand-legger scurries up onto my arm from the branch. Gross.

12:40pm: I go inside and chug a big glass of water. I tend to the house plants; pruning, trimming and watering them. I put several of the more pathetic-looking ones outside in the sunlight to cheer them up. Unfourtunately, I think one of our hibiscus plants is dead.

12:55pm: I decide to go for a run. I run about a mile, the sun practically searing my flesh off of my body. When I’m done, I feel so good and I also feel like I’m going to die. Funny how that works. I drink more water.

1:15pm: Get down to the serious house-cleaning, throwing in loads of laundry while I clean.

3:15pm: Get some donations together for the thrift store.

3:45pm: Run some errands. On my way, in bumper-to-bumper traffic because I forget to avoid the Triangle during rush-hour, I call my mom, my sister, my dad and my brother. I talk to each of them for about 5 minutes, except my dad – he doesn’t pick up so I leave him a message. I love my family.

4:00pm: Post Office. Buy postage for 2 pieces of mail. 

4:10pm: Drop off donations at MAJ-R Thrift store on Main Street.

4:17pm: Price Chopper. I see Nathan Potter working. “Hi, Nate!” Exchange 3 bags of tortilla chips (left over from Mexican Night with my Worship Team) for 1 box of Tylenol Allergy gelcaps. Get 56 cents back. Sweet.

4:23pm: Call from Sada. We were going to shoot some hoops but decide to take a rain check.

4:30pm: Eat some strawberry-banana yogurt and some cheerios. The lunch of your average 3-yr-old. 🙂

4:45pm: Disc golf at Swope Park with my roommate Anna. I play pretty poorly, but it’s a lot of fun. I love hanging with Anna.

5:55pm: Driving home from disc golf, my legs itch so badly that I feel like I want to tear my skin off.

6:05pm: We get home and I rinse off my ankles. I have a gnarly looking spattering of red blisters. I also have some on my arms. What in the world is it? I show Anna. We decide it’s poison ivy. Wonderful. Neither of us has Calamine lotion, so Anna jumps on the internet to look for home remedies as I sit dejectedly next to her. I have already mixed up some baking soda with water, which I am holding, waiting for her to give me the go ahead. She does, and I smear the mixture all over my ankles and arms. It dries pretty quickly.

6:15pm: I finish up the housework, shedding little patches of dried baking soda all over the place, which I have to clean up as I go. Our vacuum is broken so I try to use the dirt devil on the area rugs in the living room. Dumb idea.

6:45pm: Take shower. Afterwards, the blisters are gone. I don’t know what to make of this, but I’m not complaining.

6:59pm: My friend Chudy calls. We discuss plans for the evening. He might come to Writer’s Group.

7:15pm: Organize the stuff in my bathroom cupboards, which resembles a small war zone. I feel better when it’s done.

7:43pm: Go into kitchen to make dinner, and see 2 deer wading through our grass in the backyard. I can only see from their chests and up. I laugh out loud. Ridiculous. I am again thankful Larry is coming in the morning. 

7:45pm: Eat dinner – Raisin Bran, which is not a typical dinner, I am just in the mood.

8pm: Finally respond to all the great comments on my latest post.

8:17pm: Fold laundry.  

8:50pm: Try to get some pieces of writing ready for Writer’s group while watching a special on 20/20 about Faith. There is a part about cloistered nuns. I don’t like the word “cloistered.”

9:08pm: I realize if I take the time to print off handouts for Writer’s group, I will be late. I decide to go empty-handed. I grab my Pink Starbucks water bottle and head off to the Roasterie Coffee Shop in Brookside, where we meet. They have the best water there, with those little tiny pieces of ice. Yum.

9:13pm: I drive with the windows down and the radio all the way up – a face-melting guitar solo is revving me up and making me feel alive. I start talking to Jesus out loud, but can’t even hear myself because of the music. I like that and smile, continuing to talk to Him.

9:20pm: I arrive at the Roasterie and realize I probably could’ve printed off my stuff. Oh well. I grab a spot outside and pick up the New York Times from the table while I wait for the others to arrive. I read an article on the special effects used to create the Sandman’s character in Spider-Man 3. Interesting.

9:32pm: Alica Good arrives. I’m glad cuz I’ve never hung out with her before and I’ve always wanted to. She goes back inside to get some tea.

9:37pm: Greg arrives. Alicia comes back out and we all chat for a while. Her tea smells delicious and reminds me of college for some reason. I try to figure out why, but I can’t connect it to anything in particular.

9:42pm: Sophia arrives. I love Sophia. 

9:48pm: Kyle, Zack, Jared and Emily show up. Yay! These people make my life happy. Lizzy comes too, another favorite of mine. Writer’s club is jumping tonight with a record-breaking 9 people. Woah.

9:52pm: On purpose, Jared opens his mouth and lets all the water he just drank come out and spill down his shirt. He did this because this is the type of person Jared is. This makes my night. I’m laughing at him and hoping for more antics.

9:58pm: Zack reads us a sports article about the Phoenix Suns that he really likes and then we all comment on it. It is a pretty good article and I am tracking because I actually happened to watch a Suns game recently – the one where Nash’s nose got busted and the Suns lost by a point.

10:23pm: Zack reads some of his own stuff. He is a great writer. Alicia Good’s comments are so insightful and precise that all I want to do is listen to her talk all night. She’s one smart cookie.

10:45pm: Lizzy reads us an article from Relevant magazine that bugs her. Ironically, it’s about cloistered nuns. I can see why she’s bugged about it. It stirs you up but leaves you to your own depravity to conclude how to respond. We all comment on it. Everyone has something to say and we are all talking 100 miles an hour. I love it.

10:59pm: Kyle “puts us on pause”, which really means he’s ending the conversation, and gives us an assignment for next week, which I don’t like, but I know it’s good for me. Sigh.

11:07pm: We straighten up our area, put our chairs back, and stand around talking.

11:20pm: We leave. I race Zack down Wornall, his red Pathfinder versus my Honda Accord. It’s neck and neck, and I am ahead of him more often than he is ahead of me, though his peel-outs at stoplights are pretty intimidating. At one point, Emily pretends like she is going to jump out of the window into my car and the look in her eyes is so intense I almost believe she is going to try. Jared is yelling incoherently and loudly out the window. Kyle is singing a Bob Dylan song at me, which cracks me up.

11:32pm: I’m home. I take my other shot of Xango, wash up, get in my PJs and jump in bed.

11:44pm: My sheets, comforter and pillow smell like laundry detergent. I feel so cozy and happy and I am overcome with gratitude. I start thanking God for my bed, a roof over my head, air conditioning, safety, etc. It feels too good to be true, to live like this – comfortable and safe. I think of the people in Darfur. I think of the people in Iran. I pull my cover up and feel a little guilty. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I pray a bit.

11:57pm: I read 14 pages of “The Bourne Identity.” The cops are after Jason Bourne, as usual. Dr. Marie St. Jacques has just told the authorities that he might be in Zurich (he is). They speed off in their Sedan at once. Oh, the suspense.

12:20pm: I set my alarm and turn off the light. Another day ended.


  1. 9:13pm: I drive with the windows down and the radio all the way up – a face-melting guitar solo is revving me up and making me feel alive. I start talking to Jesus out loud, but can’t even hear myself because of the music. I like that and smile, continuing to talk to Him.

    This may be my favorite part of your day.

    And is the Bourne book as good as the movie?

  2. I think that was one of my favorite parts of my day, too! 🙂

    I’m only about 100 pages into the book – it’s not amazing, but it’s entertaining. I think the movie is more fast-paced and dynamic with it’s special effects and the book is more focused on telling the complex story of his journey back into rememberance.

  3. 12:55pm: I decide to go for a run. I run about a mile, the sun practically searing my flesh off of my body. When I’m done, I feel so good and I also feel like I’m going to die. Funny how that works. I drink more water.

    Yay chemicals. Endorphins and lactic acid are the culprits, I think. You’d have to ask a bio major to be sure, though.

    11:57pm: I read 14 pages of “The Bourne Identity.” The cops are after Jason Bourne, as usual. Dr. Marie St. Jacques has just told the authorities that he might be in Zurich (he is). They speed off in their Sedan at once. Oh, the suspense.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who reads in bed. Of course, I’d probably have gone and read 140 pages or more, but I’m like that…

  4. Idhrendur – Yay for yay! Interesting about the chemicals. I knew about the endorphins, but I’ve never heard of lactic acid being the other side of the coin.

    I usually go way over the top when I read at night, denying my eyelids that are closing against my will and avoiding the clock that is reminding of my precious hours of sleep slipping away. But, I’m trying to be more disciplined about it. If I don’t go to bed on time, the next day is usually not very fun. 🙂

  5. 100 trees and 3 acres?! My response to those factoids:

    1. Where do you live?
    2. What is your position on treehouses?
    3. Can I live in your backyard?


  6. benjaminwood

    That sounds like an amazingly fun day. You are so lucky to actually have a day that you do not have to come in to work. Gaarrrwww. Maybe i meant GWAR. Nope, Gaarrrwww. One the “Ben Wood Rating Scale” this day gets… An Enthusiastic BOO YA and a loud JAWSOME.

  7. Ducky – I fully support and adore treehouses. Sure you can live in the backyard, but our two woodchucks, Arthur and Mabel, will probably want to interview you first. 🙂

    Ben – yes, it’s called a “day off” – I know, a strange phenomenon that few are lucky enough to enjoy. I’ve heard rumors that some people actually have 2 days off a week – in their circles, they call it “the weekend.” I know – very cryptic. 🙂 Do you really not have a day off? That’s the opposite of BOO YA, that’s BOO BOO and STINKY. Although, my day off usually involves a lot of work of some sort – cleaning the house, laundry, errands, etc.

  8. Your day off sounds good. But you let your alarm wake you up on your day off? that is brave…

  9. Wow, I’m tired just reading your day… And I’m always chasing two little boys around… maybe I’m out of shape (darn those blue chairs!)

    mmm three acres of trees and tall grass… Yay!!! Trees are for hugging. Interestingly, I semi-counted the trees in our yard yesterday… somewhere between 30 and 40. That made me happy. (one acre here) I love trees.

    And driving down the road in our VW bus with the windows down and loud music that I love filling the air while we all sing off key… sweeEEet.

    I feel a roadtrip coming on…

  10. Ruth – I like to make the most of my day. Sometimes I sleep in a bit, but mostly I like to get up so that I will be tired later at night and stick to a good sleep schedule. I like to get my zzzs! 🙂

    Allison – I don’t mind hugging trees, but I wouldn’t do it in Missouri – you will end up covered in all sorts of strange creepy crawlies. Yuck! 🙂 Here’s to road trips!!!

  11. Lactic acid is the intermediate stage between sugar and fully broken down sugar. Not enough oxygen means that the body has to leave it in that form, and it builds up in your muscles, making them hurt.

    Yay bio class as a senior! And again, yay for yay!

  12. MoMo,

    “Cloistered” is probably the first word that you can’t stand that also sends shivers, and shudders up my spine. Get those fingernails off the chalkboard.

    Great Post! Best part is the neighbor mowing your lawn. The Lord uses a problem like tall grass to cause you to meet your neighbor. Who knows maybe he’ll get saved!

  13. benjaminwood

    I really don’t have a day off, I have to come in for some reason every single day of the week. It is a little rough but that is what happens when you are full time FSM student, full time IHOP-KC staff, and work full time for STI. So there you have it.

  14. ChriS – I’m glad we see eye to eye on “cloistered.” Yuck! By the way, is there a reason behind the name change?

    Ben – sorry, charlie. I guess lovers outwork workers. 🙂

  15. Coffee is “Prayer Juice!” Burrittos should not be spoken of when an entire community is partaking in a 40 Day Fast. While everyone may not be fasting Burrittos…I am planning too! Coffee on the other hand is Prayer Juice! Starbucks is being reclaimed for Christianity and is hereby knowns as St. Arbucks! More ministry happens in St. Arbucks each week than takes place in most American churches.

  16. Personally, I wondered how this all came about. I am in the air conditioning industry and maybe just dont get it. I enjoyed visiting though!! Have a great weekend!

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