Well, the mysterious and potentially diagnostic pain in my ear is completely gone! Yay! Thanks to everyone who prayed for me. I’m glad to not feel like someone is shoving an envelope-opener into my ear canal anymore.

I went to Topeka this weekend for my neice Anna Jane’s first birthday party. She is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. She has the juiciest, chunkiest thighs and big brown eyes and a giggle that incites you to make the stupidest noises and faces in an attempt to get more laughs from her. Watching her eat her birthday cake was pretty stupendous. She was using both hands, digging her chubby little fingers into it and smashing it into her face, sometimes actually getting it in her mouth. I love fat babies!!!

It’s getting to be disc golf weather. There’s a couple nice courses here in KC but one in particular north of the river that I’d like to try this year. I’ve heard you shouldn’t play there unless you’re really good because you’ll probably lose your discs otherwise. I’m not that good, but that challenge is calling my name.

My lawn looks the Amazon rainforest. It was like one day we woke up and the grass was three feet tall. Our normal lawn-cutting guy (Daniel) isn’t in the bizniz anymore so we are currently looking for a new guy (or gal) to fill his shoes – won’t be easy – he was the king of the lawn.

Brian Kim and Grace Falkner are getting married this Saturday! I love them. I love watching people I love fall in love. Hurray!

I had a burrito for dinner and it was delicious. I feel a little bit like I’m in a coma. It’s almost 8pm…off to the ol’ PR!


  1. I love it when a plan comes together… CBB

  2. Molly- I just went Frisbee golfing yesterday on a gorgeous day and it was great. I for one think you should conquer that big old Frisbee golf course and blog all about it when you do.

    And just so you know, I’d hook up your grass with a fresh cut for a small fee if I was in Kansas City:)

  3. Hi Molly- you don’t know me but I know you from IHOP. I’m glad your ear is better. My little brother has just gone into business for himself- mowing lawns. He says he charges $20. He is worth it, he might offer you a deal for being a part of IHOP. If you are interested- let me know.

  4. Glad to hear you are better!

    Yes, babies are cute. I dunno fat babies in particular, but I’ll trust you on that. Ditto on your niece.

    I know naught about disc golf…maybe one day.

    Aren’t lawns crazy like that?

    Yay for people falling in love and getting married. Even when that starts to establish strange and threatening patterns ( as is happening with my friends).

    Burritos are good. Exteremely good. Have good times in the prayer room!

  5. you play disc golf!??

    My favorite course was a ski mountain in Utah during the summer. So sweet.

  6. benjaminwood

    I am so excited that your pain is no longer there. And by there i mean in your head.

  7. So great to hear your pain is gone!!

  8. Aaron James

    I love a God that answers prayer.

    I also have always wanted to try dics golf but never has a chance. Maybe you can teach my wife and I sometime.

  9. jennerith

    Cchhhhh I went to a liberal arts school in washington. I ALREADY KNOW how to play disc golf!
    *is offended her husband knows so little about her*
    I also like burritos, lack of head pain and fat babies.

  10. Retroman – what is this plan you speak of? 🙂

    Sean – Glad to hear you’re hip to the disc. And thanks for offering to cut my lawn from hundreds of miles away. 🙂

    Kelly – cool! Thanks for letting me know. Is his rate $20/hour? $20/lawn? We have three acres and a ton of trees – it would definitely take a riding mower and edgers. And I’m sure he’d want much more than $20 for doing our whole lawn. 🙂

    Idhrendur – You MUST love fat babies. How could you not? They are just so juicy and squishy. 🙂

    Bret – sounds sweet! Do you play around here?

    Ben – why, thank you. 🙂 Can I get a BOO YA?

    Ruth – thanks!

    Aaron – me too! You should most definitely try disc. It’s phenomonally fun.

    Jen – Ah yes. Disc golf is a given at any lib arts school. And most other institutions of higher learning as well. 🙂 Let’s all go sometime. I’m glad you like the things I like. 🙂

  11. jennerith

    I haven’t played in a while. And I suck at it. but I would happily go and look stupid.

  12. benjaminwood

    MoMo: You can get more than a “Boo Ya” you can get a “Totally Jawsome” as well

  13. …well it would have to be God’s plan to get you healed of freaky, abominable ear ailments, and a great deal of worry! 🙂 CBB

  14. kellymarischler

    Oh wow- I’m sure he has not thought that indepth. I think that might be more than he can handle at this point. Let this be a lesson to me- information first- plug the family after. 🙂

  15. Mrs. I.

    Molly, this is great news! I’m grateful that your pain has gone away.

    I’ll have to tell my IHOPPER children to look for the disc golf courses – sounds like something they might like to try.

    Have a great day!

  16. Molly Mo,

    I is so happy you is healed. Healed is much better than unhealed.

    Is unhealed a state of sickness or a dog that doesn’t walk with you? Whoops different spelling same sounding.

  17. I suppose. The only baby of my acquaintance currently isn’t fat though. Nope, he’s just huge (off the top of the weight charts, near the top of the height chart). He’s four months old and wearing eight month clothes.

  18. Molly: I join the joyful chorus of Hallelujahs, Hoorays, and Hugs that you’re healed.

    Seattle’s Best: It took me way too long to figure out what you meant, but once I did, I was like WOW, that was funny. (I think it was funnire because I didn’t get it, then I did get it.) Anyway. Good one!

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