Kiss your coffee goodbyeShower Shock soap featured by Think Geek helps you wake up because it contains caffeine, which you absorb directly into your skin as you lather up.

I know.

Shower Shock is vegetable-based and scented with peppermint oil. Each bar of Shower shock contains approximately 12 servings/showers per 4 ounce bar with 200 milligrams of caffeine per serving – that’s about 2 cups of coffee per use. And if you like the bar soap, you might also like the shower gel…


From the Think Geek website:

“Some folks like imbibing their caffeine in coffees and sodas and energy drinks. Others like eating it in candies and mints and “magic” brownies. But if you ask us, the most enjoyable way to get caffeine into your system is to rub glowing gel all over your body and let it seep into your pores. And if you just happen to get cleaner in the process, even better!

From the glowing-green/yellow Mt. Dew color to the refreshing citrus scent, Shower Shock Body Wash is all about getting you awake and moving. Each normal-sized application gives you about 200mg of caffeine rushing into your blood stream. You’ll feel rejuvenated, energized, and you just might tingle a little. And tingling (unless you are being electrocuted by mutant eels) is always fun.”

The folks at Think Geek sound fun, and I suppose caffeinated soap is a monumental breakthrough for some people, but I for one am most definitely sticking to my morning joe. Morning coffee time is one of the best times of the day.  To me, this concept is kind of like eating your food in pill form – you skip the good part.

Now, if we could create a “workout soap” to burn away calories as you shower, or a “clean your house soap”, where after showering you stepped out of the bathroom to find your house gleaming, I’d be in. Is someone working on those kind of breakthroughs? I mean, c’mon, what are our tax dollars going to anyways? 🙂

If someone is willing to try Shower Shock – please let me know how it turns out. I’m simply dying to know. And oh yeah, just for kicks, see what Dave Barry has to say about Shower Shock here.


  1. This is a funny post. I’m glad your sticking to your morning coffee! My first thought when reading this was that for me, morning coffee time (afternoon or night for that matter) isn’t just about the caffeine, but it’s the experience. It’s about holding that warm cup in your hand and sipping it just the way you like, as you peruse some type of reading material. It’s about that wonderful acquired taste, and the smell of those fresh ground beans mmmm. Anyways, I’m in with you in terms of the clean your house soap. If you come up with anything let me know, we’ll turn it into a Joseph company business and make millions.

  2. Ha! Sean, I like the way you think!

  3. I can smell a lawsuit here. There is someone out there just like me (I know, hard to believe) that will use this soap and then mosey (ask Phillip to show you how to mosey) into the kitchen to grab a cup of joe. After finishing of the 3rd cup he will soon wonder why he is experiencing heart palpitations. In my case, at that point I would find myself in a low voltage high wattage bulb over the head moment. The light would be weak so it would take a few more moments for me to realize that I just consumed more caffeine than a barista at Starbucks. BTW, what is the name for a male barista? Is is barrister, baristo, or barstool? Just wondering.

    So where do you buy this stuff?

  4. What about those people who are obsessive about being clean and just keep repeatedly washing themselves? They could overdose!

    Coffee is rarely about the caffeine for me, so this would be complete counterproductive in my case.

    I’m 100% in favor of workout soap, though. For sure.

  5. Ben Shaffer

    So I am not familiar with the product in the blog post above, I am familiar with the feeling of ingesting caffiene directly into the skin/air passages.

    I work at a coffee shop, and drink no coffee. Yet on my days off I am sleepy and have a withdrawal headache. Crap! I get the addiction without the good part of the “experience.”

    I need a change of proffessions.

  6. Aaron James

    I too work at Starbucks. (Ben and I occasionally work together) One of the (sometimes) fun things about working there is jumping into a piping hot shower right after work and letting all the coffee grounds in your hair and embedded in your skin seep for a few minutes. It’ll make your bathroom smell like a nice, fresh cup of coffee.

    I have also pondered other names by which a male baristia might be called. Baristo was the most popular option I kicked around but I am open to other suggestions. The real question is would anything else ever be accepted by society? *sigh*

  7. benjaminwood

    I am in love with this product already, i have already purchased a case of soap and body wash, anything to give me an even bigger boost to my day. I am so excited about this product because i do not enjoy the pleasures of working in a coffee shop to get the coffee embedded into my skin as aaron and ben do. So i want this.

    @ Aaron, I like the sound of Malrista (Male-Barista), maybe Machrista (Macho-Barista) thats all i got.

  8. jennerith

    I am growing more and more disturbed at our cultures inability to stay energized. I think one day everyone will just lay down on the couch in front of the tv and never get up again. Maybe that’s when we start caffeinating fabric.
    I know they make running clothes with vitamins in them…Possible new textile patent?

  9. Molly- I just wanted to let you know that the “what my campadres are saying” section on your blog page is pretty sweet.

  10. Sweet! It actually says Comrades, but I am all for the spanish version of friends, too!!! 🙂

  11. Chuck – good point. Our culture is so quick to sue – it’s ridiculous. And…unbiblical, in most cases. See the link to Think Geek above for ordering the soap. Are you really gonna do it? 🙂 And, I thought barista was for males and females? But I do like some of the replacement terms suggested in the comments above. 🙂

    Christine – good point!

    Ben S and Aaron – that is funny. I like the thought of the shower smelling like a cup of coffee. Nice!

    Ben W – let us know how it goes! I think you are very machista for trying this.

    Jen – you are hilarious! And what in the world? They really make clothes with vitamins! Get out!

  12. jennerith

    Yeah, running and workout clothes mostly, or yoga stuff. They have vitamins in them to soften and replenish your skin or some hippie crap like that. My sister works for a company that sells some of that high tech – no reason stuff.
    And the shower coffee thing isn’t that awesome. It smells like coffee for 2 seconds, then it smells like damp ham.

  13. Aaron James

    It’s true. Beautiful, beautiful, damp ham.

    If you want caffinated clothes you can put on one of my work shirts. I haven’t washed it in like 2 weeks.

  14. Aaron I just have to say that is a pretty generous offer!

    I am amused by the concept of this product, but I am in desperate need of something a step ahead. See, I am fine once I’m up. The problem for me is the actual coming into consciousness. I am deaf in my left ear, and I am an extremely heavy sleeper. So I need something that would actually shock me into consciousness. As in an actual electro-shock or something.

    I got this for Christmas, but I don’t feel it and I still don’t hear it.

    If anybody knows of anything… Or better yet, can anyone suggest a contraption I could make? Remember. Think electro-shock!

  15. benjaminwood

    Molly, you are so silly, i am not a Barista by trade, i am a prayer person by trade, so that would make me….

    Machyer Macherson (Macho-Prayer Macho-Person)

  16. Jennerith-do you have a blog, because both of your comments were disturbingly funny.

  17. Jen – Do people really buy these vitamin clothes? And damp ham – wow. Yech. That is nasty. I envy you not.

    Aaron – tempting, but…I’ll pass.

    Robin – if that thing doesn’t work, I can’t think of anything that you could make yourself that would do better! What about asking a roomate to throw a little cold water in your face every morning? I’ve been woken up like that before and it really works. And by ‘works’ I mean, ‘sucks.’

    Ben – I know nothing of these important terms for busy people. I am just a simple nemanowimperson. (Neither macho nor wimpy person.)

    Sean – Jen and her husband Aaron share a blod and it is truly awesome. Go to Jen, Aaron, do you know why your names are “unlinkable” on my comments?

  18. Molly-Maybe I did something wrong, but I went to check out their site and it’s in another language and i have no idea what’s going on

  19. Molly, what can I say? It just doesn’t work like it seems it would. Although maybe I should give it a second chance. I think I will. As soon as I find it.

  20. Oops…had a brain freeze. the link Robin gave is right. Hee hee! 🙂

  21. It’s the right url but the link takes me to the Mac n Cheese home. *shrug* Don’t look at me.

  22. You probably need to include the “http://” in the link tag. Blogger does the same thing.

  23. yes, what Idhrendur said… 🙂

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