I love this guy. Nathan graced IHOP-KC with his permanent presence about a year ago, hailing from St. Louis.

Before he moved to KC, Nate had been pouring himself into building the House of Prayer in St. Louis for a few years, much like he does here. Those of you who know or have observed Nathan can testify that he has the energetic equivalent of a stick of dynamite and that he does everything from his heart. He is in the House of Prayer long hours, ministering to the Lord and serving the body.

Every time I’m with Nathan I laugh. And so does everyone else. We are on the same worship team and briefings have never been more fun, nor more nuggetty. He brings the gems as often as he brings the jokes. He is full of fun and insight, and is an incredible addition to this house.

Nathan is driven, encouraging, hard-working, hilarious, kind, tender, compassionate, generous, quick-witted, and sincere, to name a few of his more outstanding attributes. Get to know this guy! I guarantee you have never met anyone like him!

Here’s to you, Homie Pankster!


  1. jennerith

    Now I want to be able to put a face to the name. I am sure that I know him….grrr. I need a picture so I can appreciate him. Well, I’ll just appreciate him anyway.
    Nathan- I appreciate you! I’ve also never met you! But I trust Molly so here’s to you!

  2. Hmmm. To Do List – get picture of Nathan Panke. 🙂

  3. benjaminwood

    I do agree with this choice of Homie of the Week, Panke is one of my favorite people in the house, dare i say world?! He embodies what it means to be a Homie.

    PS – i guess you have to be around you in order to get Homie of the Week. Leaving my massive deduction skills to make me believe that I will never receive the great honor due to our opposite schedules. For this reason there will be no joyful expression of my catch phrase on this comment.

    Except to check out this post, i am hoping it will make all jump for joy i know i did.


  4. Nuggetty? That’s a new one on me. I’m sure it’s a new word I’ll enjoy greatly, except that I have no idea what you mean by that.

  5. Aaron James

    I will concur here. Bravo to Mr Panke.

  6. jennerith

    oo oo oo! I totally know who he is now! He’s on Sada’s team!
    I sat in briefing with them once, and apparently he hadn’t really felt in the groove with Sada or whatever because he was saying things like “I had NO IDEA where you were going with that Sada” and being really animated about it. He’d been playing percussion on that set…
    I said to myself “wow. this is alot of energetic dissention from the percussion player…”
    yeah, then aaron told me he’s the assistant worship leader. I laughed at my own self. But you rock!

  7. Oh, Yes, excellent choice of a most excellent one! The Loux Fam totally loves Mr. Panke!

  8. Ben – Not to worry, your deductions are not accurate. Seeing as there have only been two homies of the month so far, I don’t think you should jump to conclusions quite yet. Besides, I’ve already deemed you amazingly awesome dude of forever, remember?

    Idhrendur – Nuggetty – chock full o’ nuggets (of wisdom, insight, depth, and so on…)

    Jen – that sounds just about right… 🙂

  9. Ah, THOSE kind of nuggets! Got it!

  10. Molly!

    You totally forgot to mention how HARD HE GROOVES!

    The guy’s, like, the absolute end in the drum cage! And did I mention he sings. And plays guitar. And hand-perc.

    Good grief I’m glad he’s around!

  11. Bret – So true! That’s what I meant with the whole stick of dynamite thing! Thanks for further lionizing him! 🙂

  12. Great Choice…Panke’s a winner! LOVE HOW HE SERVES THE HOUSE!

  13. Lauren

    I’m so glad you are all being blessed by Nate…but just wanted to say, we miss him in St. Louis. Loved reading the comments.
    Lauren from IHOP-STL

  14. Joshua Nault

    Nathan is the real deal…and I love him like a brother. So all y’all frontin on my manski wanski, from the other landski, must deal with the Naultinator…and for real…I be in the gym and stuff…gettin all swole and what not, no joke son…I am like 150 lbs now dawg. All shredded beef… yawmean!! Big up to the Panke…who mo’ fat than a twankie! Whut?!

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