Here they are, in no particular order…and this is by no means a complete list.  

 #1. Waking up from a bad dream, still foggy and troubled by the dream, and then the glorious moment when you realize that the troubling information is not real. Your pants are not on fire. The big chickens are not trying to eat you. Your mom did not turn into Barbara Walters. Ahhh…sweet relief.

#2. Drinking ice-cold blue gatorade after a really long run. You’re gasping for air, red in the face, sweaty, and THIRSTY. You grab that bottle of blue and – suddenly you’re sitting on an iceburg somewhere in Antarctica. Pure, icy happiness. There is nothing like it.

#3. Hope. Nuff said.

#4. Going to sleep after a really long, tiresome day. The moment when your head hits the pillow is so delicious that you almost don’t want to fall asleep and miss out on that feeling. Twice as nice is if it’s raining outside – the sound of the rain on your window makes your bed feel all the more comfy. And if a train goes by in the distance, I’m in heaven.

#5. Getting a backrub. Or a scalp massage. Or a hand massage. I used to get my hair cut at Tower City Center, downtown Cleveland, at a salon where they would give you free wine and cheese and give you a hand massage while they washed your hair. Getting your hair washed feels good enough already – they would start with the hand massage and I’d about pass out, just drooling all over myself. I found myself getting my hair cut more often than I needed to.

Care to share your own favs?


  1. Tracie Loux

    Because I’m in a particular “mom mode” these days: the sound of my baby girl, Elia sleeping and the look in her little eyes as she gazes at me, the smell of my son Taylor’s head, the fact that my almost 15 year old Nick still thinks I’m cool and hugs me often, and the fact that Isabelle asked if she could take her blanket and pillow to the tree house the other day to “rest” and then left them up there all night in the pouring rain.
    My kids are my total favs in life!

  2. I’ll get behind 1, 3, & 4. I’ll trust you on 2 & 5.

  3. Robin

    1. Laughing with my closest friends about something so ridiculously funny that I feel like I could collapse on the floor.

    2. Hugging so tightly someone so near and dear to me and feeling like I call fall asleep right there on their shoulder.

    3. Being awakened in the morning by my alarm or my family and just laying there and going right back to sleep cause it just feels so good.

    4. Having my long hair played with. It doesn’t happen often, and it makes me feel so loved.

    5. Seeing someone get so excited about me arriving somewhere that they make a big deal about it and I get a big hug.

    6. That sweet feeling during prayer when I am so quiet and filled with peace that I would think I was asleep if I didn’t know I was completely conscious.

    7. Greeting visitors at church and making them feel welcome and knowing you make a difference by loving them.

    8. Getting to surprise someone you love by buying their meal or buying them a gift you found out they wanted.

    9. Seeing light and hope come alive in someone’s eyes when you speak the Word to them or encourage them by reminding them of God’s affection and great plans for them.

    10. Singing in 3-part harmony baby!!

    11. When God is speaking to you through His Word or in your spirit and feeling like you are literally eating. Too cool.

    Wow. They just kept coming. I’ll stop now. 🙂

  4. Tracie – so cool. Congratulations on Elia, by the way! I love your list!

    Idhrendur – fair enough. For your own sake, you should try #2 and #5…you won’t be sorry! 🙂

    Robin – wow, quite a list! Great stuff. By the way, who are you? Do I know you? Just curious.

  5. That feeling when you eat something that’s a bit too hot (soup is best) and follow it straight away with an icy drink. Ahhhh. Okay. That’s an odd one. But I did it accidentally once and found out it was really nice.

    Going for a walk when it’s just a little bit chilly outside.

    Holding a baby and he/she goes to sleep in your arms (I worked in my church nursery for a few months… such sweethearts).

    Being able to say or do something for someone that completely blesses their socks off. Up that by ten if they were surprised by it.

  6. benjaminwood

    I really like stabbing myself in the eye with a pencil. That is a lot of fun and one of my favorite feelings.

    Was that not what you were looking for? Oh, Sorry!

    I like little kittens purring on my lap. I like a daisy flower in my windowsill. I like Bathtub Gin.

    I like blue icy gatorade. It is the best flavor.

  7. emilymea

    The way it feels when my friend’s little boy smiles and laughs when Lacy says “Emily is here to see you, Silas Paul.”

    The happy rush of memories when you see pictures fresh from the developing lab.

    Holding hands and having the whole crew pep talk backstage just minutes before calling for everyone to take their places – and the resounding “gooooooooooooood show” that echoes through out the wings at the end of the pep talk.

    The laughter when little inside jokes are shared between friends.

    Hearing someone say “I’ll pray for you” and know that they really mean it.

  8. Victoria

    1. taking off my shoes after a long days work and the feeling i get when i sit down for the first time in 8 hours.

    2. taking a walk just to feel the gentle breeze.

    3. the feeling you get when someone you respect delivers you a prophetic word.

    4. crying really hard till you can’t cry anymore then when you get to that point noticing that ‘it’ doesn’t really hurt that bad anymore.

    5. turning music up so loud that you can no longer hear yourself sing…so you start to just scream the lyrics.

    6. studying for hours and the feeling you get when you finally answer your own question…ooh i really like that feeling

    7. accomplishing a task in the impossibly short amount of time givin to you…and doing it well.

  9. Amanda – great list!

    Ben – I’ll keep the pencil thing in mind. I’ll keep one handy for next time I see you. 🙂 Bathtub Gin – you and the joker. And me!

    Emily – great stuff – so, you’re an actor? Do tell.

    Victoria – Cool. I especially like #5. Every time I do that I always end up bursting out in laughter at myself. Then I feel crazy. First screaming, then hysterically laughing. It feels great!

  10. I’m rather incapable of #2. I lack the endurance for a long run. Or a short run either. Though it seems I can rollerblade practically indefinitely. I dunno, my body is strange, I guess.

    1. When you realize God just came through to provide for you.

    2. When you realize God has been using you to bless others, and you didn’t even know it.

    3. Achieving an excellent musical performance.

    4. Putting the shaker down after using it non-stop in a nine-minute song.

    5. Playing in the rain.

    6. Arriving home after a long drive.

    7. Swing dancing.

    8. That moment when everything suddenly makes sense.

    9. When you try to run something you just programmed and it works.

  11. Idhrendur – great list! I wish I knew what #9 felt like!

  12. emilymea

    Molly – I’m more a techie than anything. I love making the magic of theatre happen. I do act some, but it has been a long long time since I’ve had a chance to work in a theatre. In high school I acted and stage managed. In college I did tech work and back up vocals for the music “Mame.” The thoughts of light plots and props and acting – it all just is energizing to me.

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