Many of you have thanked me for praying for you this week, but I want to thank you. I regard the pleasure of praying for you as a precious reward. As I pray for you, I can feel my heart embracing your desires. As I set my heart to contend for you, I experience, in part, the weight of your burdens and I am filled with compassion. This is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Crying out to Him for my brothers and sisters with real, God-given compassion is pleasurable because it connects me to your hearts and teaches me how to love you. I love the way this works. We fall in love with that which we pray for. My heart is moved toward each of you because of the tender and powerful work of God in my inner man. So thanks for signing up! This is blessing me more than I expected. I knew I would grow in affection for those who signed up, which is why I committed on the front end to keep you on my prayer list permanently – there’s no way I could pray for you diligently for a whole week and then never want to pray for you again 🙂 – but I am surprised how quickly and powerfully the Lord has connected my heart to your cause. He is so good to provide a way for us to truly love and understand one another! So thanks again! I appreciate you today even more than yesterday! 🙂


  1. aww wow, your so neat :o)
    bless ya

  2. jennerith

    I was just thinking about that same thing. Isn’t it so awesome that God works things so that if you pray for something, you really start to love what you are praying for. What an excellent set up. Molly I love reading all about your heart and your insights. It brightens my whole work day. Now I only wish I could get you to post about every hour. I stare at this screen for a looongggg timeeeee every work day!

  3. Aaron – bless you too!

    Jen – yes! it is awesome! I guess He knew we would need something like this… 🙂 Glad to brighten your day…sorry I can’t brighten every hour! 🙂 You are great, Jen, love ya!

  4. mini praise report.

    today I got a call for a job i applied for a while back. anyway I had a short telephone interview and they want me to go in on wednesday, so all going well I’ll be earning some money for track 2. :o)

    thank you for praying for me. i’ll keep you posted :o)

  5. Aaron – Yay! That is so encouraging! Keep us posted.

  1. 1 After His own heart...

    Yay to Molly….

    This week it’s Reader Appreciation Week…
    Molly Mosack from her Macaroni and Cheese blog committed to pray for her readers to show appreciation.
    Wow, that’s cool huh?! She’s praying for me as well and I love it totally!

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