Meekness is cool at IHOP. I love that. Where else can you go where young adults think it’s cool to be overlooked, hidden, and humble? After being at IHOP for a couple months, you catch on that this is the thing to be. We all come with our ideas of what is radical, attractive and cool, and we do our best to promote that image. That’s normal human behavior. After we realize that being meek is the cat’s pajamas, we pick it up as quickly as we jumped in line to buy a pair of Jams in 1985. And just as easily as putting on a long pair of obnoxious, brightly-colored shorts, we try on meekness and strut our stuff

We Catch On Quickly

It’s easy to look meek. I can appear humble by changing my words and actions, but if it’s not genuine, then my heart will still rage to be promoted and nothing is gained. It’s easy to simply stop saying and doing things that betray our self-centeredness, especially in a community that recognizes and esteems that behavior. We are quick to perceive acts of humility here because it’s the currency of respect. This attention to detail makes it easy to be meek because we know our “hidden-ness” will be seen by others. We know our humility will be exalted by man. Whatever community you are a part of, certain behaviors are established that earn you either respect or rejection. Here, one that earns you respect is meekness. And so we face the dangerous possibility of being a community in pursut of meekness, not necessarily because it is right, but because it is just another means to establish respect amongst our peers.

There’s Nothing Wrong with the ‘ol Bait ‘n Switch

Don’t get me wrong – there are many, many of us who are pursuing meekness at least somewhat because we truly do want to go on to perfection. I am not saying that we’re a bunch of hypocrites. Even if we start out pursuing meekness 90% for attention and 10% because we genuinely want to obey God, that’s okay. I am not opposed to the bait and switch method – we may say ‘yes’ to righteous behavior for shallow reasons, and in the midst of pursuing it, we touch God and end up saying ‘yes’ at a much deeper level in response to supernatural revelation. It’s much like some of our reasons for even moving to KC for IHOP. Most of the reasons that caused us to come out here are not the same reasons that caused us to stay. So, we don’t have to be overly concerned about our motives – God will sort those out as we pursue Him with sincerity.

Beware This Poison

Being meek is one of the easiest things to feel proud about. We need to be keenly aware of the danger of tricking ourselves into thinking we’re meek when we actually have a river of poisonous pride flowing in our heart. That is a set-up for certain destruction. And so I offer this warning in tenderness, and it is meant for my ears as much as anyone else’s. This exposing is not meant to shame us, but to ready us for what’s ahead. Meekness is a requirement for survival. By survival, I mean a heart alive in God; tender, loving, able to forgive, serve, and love our enemies while trusting God as everything seems to be falling apart and hitting us. We don’t have any other options. We have to be meek. So let’s proof our hearts from offense and bitterness. If we don’t deal with our hearts, we’ll be in deep, deep trouble, and we’ll suffer the brunt of the consequences ourselves. Let’s search our hearts diligently while we can.

God is For Us!

He is fighting for our greatness! He is tender and loving toward His people. He is good to all. He is slow to anger and rich in mercy. He is jealous for us to go on to maturity! Let us continually remember this as we pursue genuine wholeheartedness. When we are tempted to either disqualify or excuse ourselves or others, let us remember that God is happy about us and viciously jealous for us at the same time. Let us feel the terrifying and passionate fire of His gaze as He leads us into who He made us to be. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with others. We are in this together and it is unto something far greater than the here and now. Let’s coorperate with the Holy Spirit now so that we will not be ashamed before Him at His coming. Then we will have great joy in that Day!


  1. …loved those JAMZ, except when I see circa 1985 pictures of me in them… CBB

  2. Retroman – Nice how you spelled “jams” with a “z” – that makes them even more wonderfully obnoxious! 🙂

  3. Molly,

    That was a wonderfully well written. It made me think of a recent meditation to “Put on Christ.” I suppose we just need to ask Him what He looks like instead of going with the latest fashion trends.
    Love ya girl! Thanks for encouraging my day!

  4. Aren’t they JAM[Z] with a “Z”? Or has my memory been clouded by the 1990’s? “JAMS” sounds like something one spreads on toast with a butter knife, rather than the biggest loincloth rage since Underoos. CBB

  5. benjaminwood

    Jamz is also an obnoxious rap station back home in New York, What, What, Dolla, Dolla, Billz Y’all. Holla! By the way MOMO, i never get to see you so we never get a chance to have a chit chat time to talk about Jam bands. By the way I love this phrase… “being meek is the cat’s pajamas”.

  6. What a great post – this was your best one yet.

    Okay, the Hasselhoff one probably will forever rule, but this one was still was kind of superior.

  7. Sara – Great to hear from you! Bless you!

    Retroman – I could be wrong – I thought it was Jams…I’m not sure!

    Ben – I know, are you on mornings? I’m on evenings. Still, we should have some overlap – I’ll look for you. We should be hanging out anyways.

    Dave – Thanks. I learned most of this from you. Maybe that’s why it’s so great! 🙂
    And yes, anything Hasselhoff will definitely forever rule. The only thing that might beat the Hasselhoff post is another Hasselhoff post.

  8. benjaminwood

    I am early mornings 6am – 2pm normally still i never see you… then i have school. but totally.

  9. Robin

    Hey! (stupid question coming…)Can I subscribe to you? I couldn’t figure out how. *shrug*

  10. hailsky

    this is an amazing post. It’s one of my favorites of yours. keep it comming

  11. Ben – hmmm. I don’t come till 1 or 2. Looks like maybe we’ll actually have to work to make it happen. I’d love to hang out with you and Sarah sometime. And other homies! It will be…wait for it…wait for it…JAWSOME!!!!

    Robin – yes! On my main page in the upper right-hand area there’s a little orange icon under the search box. It says “Mac My Feed.” Click on it and you will be taken to my feed. On the feed page, at the top in a beige box, you can click on a phrase that says “subscribe to this feed.” Thanks for subscribing!

    Thanks, Hailsky!

  12. benjaminwood

    MOMO, i have heard that i make some good food or something… you should come over for dinner some time… that would be cool. You can bring a friend or maybe two, wait maybe three. We have a dining room table now! a real one! It is truly Jawsome!

  13. Ben – It’s on. PS – I am liking the MOMO thing.

  14. benjaminwood

    Yeah buddy!

  15. Steven Chudy

    “SLIME! It’s a river of Slime!”

  16. Steve – Ew. What are you trying to do, kill me? 🙂

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