Today – Easter Sunday – marks the absolute pinnacle of our Christian faith. Without this day, our faith would be 100% futile. If Jesus did not die, resurrect from the dead and ascend into heaven as King of all, we have no hope and are to be pitied the most among all men. The events of this day 2000 years ago must be the foundation of the expression of our Christian faith. Let us ask ourselves if this be true of our own walk.

This morning at FCF, Allen Hood asked a question: Are you an aplogetic of the resurrection? This question can expose how much or how little our lives testify to the following: 

#1. Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected.

The pure blood of His sacrifice atoned for my sins and His death crucified my old man and gave me His own nature.

Do I believe that my old, Adamic nature has been put to death? Do I believe that I am no longer bound in the hopeless condition of death, sin and the curse? How do I express my belief that the eternal, immortal nature of Christ has been given freely to me? How does my thought-life convey the reality of the glory of the mystery of Christ within me, the hope of glory? How easily do I surrender to sinful actions? Do I access the power given to me to overcome the sinful desires of my flesh? Do I ignore the power of the sacrifice of Christ? If we believe that we have been resurrected with Christ and are now in Him, that belief must be translated into some sort of expression, or, as James says, our faith is dead. We must continually choose to express our faith in the way that we live.

#2. God sent His Holy Spirit

God sent His Spirit to indwell us with power unto transformation.

We believe this, but how much? How much power do we actually have? What are the situations, the issues, the circumstances that are too difficult for the Spirit within us to overcome? In which areas of our lives have we fooled ourselves into thinking that the Spirit of God is too weak to help us? Which sinful actions, sinful mindsets, sinful issues are “too powerful” for the indwelling nature of Christ to conquer? If we name but one, we are guilty of disbelief in the absolute power of the Holy Spirit to transform us. We have been given the absolute guarantee of eternal immortality. We have been given everything that we need for life and godliness. He has given us the power to be transformed on the inside. Do our lives show this to be true? Before others can witness this in us, we must fully believe and give life to that belief through the outworking of our faith. We must violently pursue the renewing of our mind, which leads to transformation.

#3. Jesus will come again

He will establish His Kingdom on earth as the risen King, fully God and fully Man.

For what other reason would Jesus be physically resurrected from the dead?  Do we believe that Jesus will come again? Or are we like the scoffers in 2 Peter 2, who walk according to their own lusts and say, “Where is the promise of His coming?” Jesus is returning to the planet as King, to establish His Kingdom, redeem our bodies, and bring heaven and earth together into one IN Himself. He will reward each one of us according to our works. He will give each of us a different glory as he chooses. Understanding this greatly affects the way we live our lives. Salvation is free if we choose it – but there is a greater glory to be had if we pursue intimacy with God. This is the difference between being saved as though by fire, and being rewarded for building upon the foundation of Christ with frutifulness, which is pleasing to God.

We are transformed as we renew our mind and grow in the knowledge of God, as He is revealed in us by the Spirit through our submission to Him. He is revealed now in us and will be fully revealed in time and space at which time we will fully be transformed physically, not just internally. In that day, that which we have pursued will be made known and we will be rewarded accordingly. Let us purify ourselves with this hope: that we will be like Him when He is revealed, both now as He is revealed in us by the power of the Spirit, and ultimately and fully when He appears “in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11).


  1. that is so good Molly! I love talking about this stuff, this is the fondation of our faith, the foundation of life! I can’t wait to hear the CD from Allen’s message this morning. that’s the only downside to being a nightwatcher… I’m in the middle of second R.E.M. cycle by the time morning service rolls around…

  2. Zack – thanks! I love talking about it too. It stirs me up to “lay hold of that for which He laid hold of me.”

    I’m imaging you going through your second R.E.M. cycle – twitching eyeballs and all. Hee hee.

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