WordPress got us good with the whole “blog of the minute” prank, eh? When I saw that I was blog of the minute I said to myself, “that’s funny, I thought they purposefully picked the blog of the minute – it must be on a random picking process.” Even though at that point I knew that my blog wasn’t picked for its hits (I only get about 200-250 a day – not even close to the 5,000 necessary to even be a contender), I still felt pretty cool that the computer happened to randomly select my site from almost a million sites. I called my mom.

(Me): “Mom! I’m the blog of the minute right now on WordPress!”
(My Mom): “Really?”
(Me): “Yeah!”
(My Mom to my Dad): “Honey, Molly is blog of the minute right now.”
(Me): “Can you look it up?”
(Mom looks it up): “It says some xbox thing is blog of the minute.”
(Me): “Really?…huh. Mine says its me.”
(Mom): “Huh.”

It wasn’t until later tonight that I found out that our friends at WordPress were pranking us for April Fool’s Day. This is one more reason to use WordPress. They make you feel like you’re in high school again. They’re like the seniors, and we’re like the dorky freshman who don’t really like being pranked in general, but when the seniors do it, it’s just kind of cool to have them pay us any kind of attention, even if it’s making us look stupid. I feel like I’m in a big fraternity or sorority. It’s a good feeling, like we’re a big family. Wow, I just crammed three analogies into one paragraph. So, thanks, WordPress! Happy April Fool’s Day!

So how ’bout you? Did you get duped? 🙂


  1. whileitsstillday

    I love that! I love that computer programs have personalities. It’s like there’s a person behind all the words and pictures that randomly appear when we push buttons.

  2. That makes me sad that I didn’t look at the main WP home page on April 1. I could have had that five minutes of euphoria before I figured out I was being had. 😀

  3. Sort of like when I get spam email that has my own email in the “sent” field? …I usually have a different reaction to that! CBB

  4. benjaminwood

    That is awesome! about the whole computer programs having personalities thing, I am a little frightened by that, next thing you know they will start learning, then they will start taking our jobs (stop to imagine a computer taking your job as an intercessory missionary). next there are robots taking over the world and making our cars crash into things that we don’t want to crash into. Shout out to crazy Tom Cruise for making the “great” movie A.I. Ramble, ramble, ramble…

  5. Yep, they got me too! Except that on my computer, the “blog of the minute” really did change– I purposefully logged out and opened a new window, just to make sure…and when I logged on earlier in the day, it was as usual. So they REALLY got me =D

  6. Amanda – who knows? Your day may come. 🙂

    Retroman – glad to hear from you again! Yes, I think those emails from myself are so funny. Who falls for that? “What’s this? I sent myself an email? I don’t remember doing that. I must have something very important to say to myself. I should read it.” Not happening.

    Ben – I like what goes on inside your head. Will you follow me around all day and just talk? Especially if you throw a couple boo-yas in.

    Jess – It’s fun, huh? I love pranks, even when they’re on me!

  7. benjaminwood

    I could just follow you around all day but then when would i find time to think of new things that pop into my head. If i am constantly talking then pretty soon all that will come out of my wouth is strange noises. Imagine a wookie with less hair. Thats right a wookie. Star Wars Rules! I would call it… JAWSOME!

  8. This is what I’m talking about. Keep it coming!!!!

  9. I tend to hate April Fool’s Day. I didn’t see WordPress’s thing, cause I’m over on blogger. I did see google’s thing (which I figured out fairly quickly).

    @Benjamin – Don’t worry, computers are a long way from taking over the world. I took an AI course last semester…I know. Besides, “I, Robot” is a much better movie about such things.

    @Benjamin again – Yes, Star Wars rules.

  10. Idhrendur – What did Google do?

    Star Wars has a very special place in my heart.

  11. emilymea

    Google’s joke was hilarious.

    On the wordpress thing. I was got for about five minutes – and then I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and checked the date. At that point all I could do was laugh.

  12. Emily – you are quick! I didn’t catch on for hours…

  13. emilymea

    I don’t know if it was really being quick. I think it was more my realizing how stupid of an entry it was. I would qualify that particular entry as one that would be unread by anyone that is not a close personal friend – or at the very least someone that I’ve met face to face.

  14. The did this.

    It took me longer than you would expect to catch on, but only because I went to the various pages out of order.

    And I’m afraid my Star Wars obsession has diminshed in recent years. It’s probably the result of my Tolkien/CS Lewis/George MacDonald/other Inklings obsession. Especially the Tolkien part.

  15. Pretty funny! Am I a total noob for asking what TiSP stands for?

    So you like Tolkein, huh? Cool.

  16. emilymea

    I’m totally thinking that TiSP means Toliet Internet Service Provider. Which in my opinion is a horribly gross idea – but on the other hand my mind is whirring with the implications on tech support personel.

    Gives a whole new meaning to flushing the DNS servers. And exactly how would you power cycle the CPE?

  17. Well, considering that my screenname is an elvish name, I’d say I like Tolkien just a little.

  18. I figured it was Elvish. Did I get the pronunciation right (the one I left on Shawn’s site?)


  19. Oh, I replied to that comment. Pretty much everything but the ‘e.’ From my research on Wikipedia (which I distrust, but whatever), it seems the ‘e’ should be like in the word ‘bed.’

    Oh, on the original topic here, I was jsut remembering gmail’s prank…this one took me almost the whole day to think twice about.

  20. That gmail prank was hilar… 🙂

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