I’ve changed up my sidebar to, hopefully, make your reading experience more enjoyable. I aim for clarity, simplicity and easy navigation. All changes are made with my readers in mind, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to let me know what you like or don’t like about my site so that I can know how to make your visits to my wordcast more enjoyable!


  1. emilymea

    I like the changes. You’re inspiring me to get a little more creative with my page. 🙂

  2. Sweet! Thanks.
    Go for it – it’s easy and fun.

  3. mamosack

    Clean,creative and contagious-your style that this!

  4. Hey mom! Thanks! Love you tons. 🙂

  5. benjaminwood

    Boo Ya! No Longer against the side of my screen, again I say Boo Ya!

  6. Ben, you just busted out a “boo-ya”. I don’t think I’ve heard that for a while.

    And Molly, I as well, like the new layout. Even though it took me a while to figure out the links spot, oh well, I am smarter now.

  7. I like. It would motivate me to improve my blog (yes, I know you dislike the word, but seeing as I’m on blogger…), except I’ve got better things to reprogram.

  8. Ben – keep those boo yas comin…they always make my day!

    Nate – thanks!

    Idhrendur – that would be a hard term to avoid using that site. So better things to reprogram, eh? Do tell.

  9. benjaminwood

    @ Nate: apparently you need to hang out with me more often, the term “BOO YA” is something that I consider my catch phrase. If you go a day without hearing me utter a “BOO YA” then you know I am having a bad day.

    Note: do not cross me on one of those days I just might literally bite your head off. Consider yourself warned.

  10. If you went to FCF, you could behold and become like the servant Christ by changing your blog to an unedible theme during GBF!!! :-0


  11. Ben – note taken. That sounds scary. And very un-boo-ya.

    Rob – I always find that fasting is sweeter when you actually have something to say “no” to. If I’m not tempted on fast days, I have nothing to say “no” to. Saying “no” when your flesh is saying “yes” causes collision in your heart. The constant collision all day or week long tenderizes your heart, and that is a wonderful thing. So, if you want to become like Christ, I suggest you stare at the pics on my wordcast repeatedly and say “no!” 🙂

  12. @Molly: Well, I’m a computer science major. Wait, scratch that. Computer Science GRADUATE (yay for being done!)

    I’ve pretty much always got some side project going on. Hopefully, I’ll be programming professionally soon…

    In any case, for particulars, right now I’m working on a really basic cross-platform game engine. Currently, it opens up a black window on screen. But it does so on both PC and Mac (and it would on Linux if I had someone to compile my code).

  13. Idhrendur – congrats on graduating! yay!!! 🙂

    It’s sad, but I have no idea what even a really basic cross-platform game engine is. I also have no clue what the value of opening up a black window on a screen is, but I’m sure it’s really cool and you’re really smart and I’m impressed.


  14. Not really…if I were really like Christ I would keep my mouth shut and bless you. Maybe. I can’t figure Him out. 🙂

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