So, I sat down to honor the next “Homie of the Week” and I realized that I’m not done with Kyle being the Homie yet. A week is too short. His coolness demands a longer stretch of Homie-dom. As a matter of fact, this is something that needs to be implemented for all future Homies as well. So, from now on, it’s going to be “Homie of the Month.” So sit back and ride it out, Kyle. You’ve got another three whole weeks as Homie. And those weeks are well-deserved.


  1. Kyle is an excellent choice for Homie of the Month!! Yay! We love Kyle!

  2. standonthewall

    I cannot believe that “homie” is not one of your hated words.

    I would like to actually hear the word “homie” come from your mouth. That would be a trip.

  3. Molly Mosack

    Nothin’s wrong with “homie!” Now, if it was a “fresh homie” I’d have serious problems with that. I can’t even believe I just typed that word right now. Ug.

  4. Kyle is a great hommie! I just wish my former roomate and current best friend (don’t tell jared) Blogged more often! Oh well! kyle is a tremence man (not overbeise) man of flustrated wisdom. A conflagibation of wontiful personalihood… If you don’t catch my ‘Zackisms’ that’s cool, but I’m sure Kyle’d appreciove them!

  5. benjaminwood

    Hommie, huh. I understand that we live in the Ghetto but do we really need to start to conform to the language of the Ghetto. I would prefer to be known as, if i ever get this great honor, “Amazingly Awesome Dude of the Month”. Seeing that i probably will never reach that status ever this is just another useless comment from Benjamin Wood a.k.a. Mr. Not amazingly awesome dude of the month.

  6. Ben, You are by defalt, always the amazingly awesome dude of the month. I thought everybody knew that.

  7. zachary wood

    Ben I think your a top choice for “Amazingly Awesome Dude of the Year”! I mean, shoot.

  8. benjaminwood

    AWWWW, you guys are sweet but… i don’t care what you think I only care for Molly’s approval! MOLLY’S, I WANT TO BE A HOMIE!

  9. Watch and pray, my friend, watch and pray…
    I won’t cheapen my opinion of you by trying to honor you in a comment. Surely you deserve the prominence of a post – one in which the letters are right up against the left side of the screen. Which by the way, it doesn’t look like that on my screen…?

    Your day will come.

  10. benjaminwood

    Yeah no comments about me! Is that a “Your day will come” Fist raised to the air out of anger. Or a “Your day will come” smile on your face laughing!

  11. benjaminwood

    By the way i like the thing that you put as my name when you hold it over my name on the side. how vague is that?

  12. Molly Mosack

    Ben – I am both raising my fist in anger and I have a smile on my face, laughing, when I say, “your day will come.” This is a good day to come.

    I am surprised that I know what you mean in your last post. What is wrong with me that I am able to understand that? That scares me. It’s actually called a description box. I’m glad you like it!

  13. benjaminwood

    description box, schimitction box, thingy on the side that you see when you put the thing over is better for me.

  14. I am impressed by “schimitction”.

  15. there are WAY to many ‘woods’ commenting on your blog… I mean there is a whole race of woods commenting in the blog world, I realize they aren’t related but man…

  16. kylegebhart

    thanks molly – in appreciation – i’ve actually posted something new.

  17. Zack – no kidding. It’s like a forest around here. Wow, that was terrible, I can’t believe I said that.

    A whole race of Woods…that’s funny. “What are you?” “Oh, I’m a little German, a little Irish, a little Wood.”

    Kyle – yay! and yay for giving me a reason to say yay!

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