A recent post by Dave Sliker on the gentleness of the Lord has touched my heart and caused me to fall deeper in love with God. Once again, I am struck at how unfathomably good He is. His leadership is so stunning and perfect and foreign to our fleshly minds. He knows just what we need in order to grow and respond in love.

He Looks at the Heart

One thing that endears me to His leadership is that He does not measure us by the list of things that we have or haven’t accomplished, by how many times we’ve stumbled, by the number of issues we have or how many people like us or dislike us. He measures us by how sincere we are in our desire to say ‘yes’ to Him. What a relief! What a good God! He looks at the heart, and only He truly knows the heart of man.

Come Freely!

If this be true, I can come to Him again and again and find grace and power to submit myself to His dealings. This is so freeing, so disarming, so attainable! This understanding frees us from condemnation, from striving, from fear of man and countless other wrong and futile mindsets. How wonderful!

Fight the Good Fight

There remains a fight therefore, to believe that this is true. And how awesome it is that fighting looks like submitting to the work of the Holy Spirit in the renewing of our minds! That is a battle I can willingly enter into without fear of defeat. It is His power to transform us – we just have to agree with it and cooperate with Him. He is there every step of the way – tender, patient, loving, empowering, and GOOD!


  1. Yep. God is good. He is beyond good. And You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Glory!

  2. I love it how God loves it when we love Him like that. How He enjoys it when we stand in awe of Him. How He smiles at your post!

  3. zachary wood

    good post! i love to look back at my life thus far and see how the lord in his goodness has brought to where i am now. he is so faithful!

  4. This was good stuff. I have been lurking on your site for a little while now and I would just like to say it’s been a breath of fresh air! You have a style and thought process all your own and it’s enjoyable to read about.

  5. That is why I love Psalm 118 so much. It repeatedly reminds me that He is good and that His love endures forever. It’s not something He gives and take back every time we fail. His love endures forever. Oh, He is good!

  6. To all – your commnets fill me with gratitude that there are others who love the goodness of God! Sounds trite, but I never want to take for granted the company of like-minded people who love Him. Thank you.

    Sean – thanks for lurking and commenting. I checked out your site – sweet stuff. btw, do you know Diane Dell? I met with her last time she was here.

  7. Nope, Don’t know Diane. Is she from Cedar Rapids Iowa?

  8. Sean – Maybe I’ve got her mixed up with another house of prayer…oops!

    anyways, great site!

  9. Don’t forget to thank God when He answers your prayers.

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