The Discovery Channel is airing an 11 part mini-series called “Planet Earth,” beginning this Sunday at 8pm e/p. You can watch the trailer here. It looks like it’s going to be pretty cool. Watching the trailer filled me with awe at the God who created this planet. I’m planning on watching this series #1. because it looks visually stunning, and #2. I think it will inspire worship in my heart. Check it out!


  1. adamhanly

    i saw a trailer to this…. simply amazing.

    i wish i had tv for it. im sure i can buy it off itunes…

  2. that’s a good call…I have a tv but not cable, so I was trying to think of how I could see it…itunes is probably the way to go, huh?

  3. Don’t I wish I had read this about two hours ago…now if I want to watch, I’ll have to join you in paying money…which I can’t spare…

  4. What happened two hours ago?

  5. hmn… I’ll check “my sources” and see if i can find it for free…

  6. I like free! As long as it’s legal…

  7. I will be watching this as I read Romans 1 out loud, ha.

  8. Good Nate…throw in a little Job 38 and you’ll be set for a rocking worship time!

  9. Hi Molly, you may just like this movie that captured my heart and it just might yours [is that properly said… humm?] Anyways, it’s called, “Winged Migration”. Isn’t the photographic image and film stunning and powerful in giving testimony and reminders of His beauty and magesty! It even reminds me of “all creation groans and waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” [Roms. 8:19,22]. Sometimes, I wonder if the animals are worshipping God when they quack, chirp, roar, groan. I love it!

  10. Simply Searching – Bizarre! I just got back from hanging with my sister and she was telling me about “Winged Migration”. I guess in the presence of two witnesses, a thing is confirmed…I have to watch it now! 🙂

  11. I rmember this post…two hours before that comment was when the program aired, my time.

  12. Oohhhh….your in Cali, right? Well, we’ve got 9 more Sundays to watch. It’s pretty sweet so far!

  13. Well, now I’m pretty much working 3 – midnight every sunday. So I don’t get to watch…

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