Drumroll please…wait – what exactly is HOMIE OF THE WEEK? I don’t know. I’m not really sure what it means, but I do know that it’s Kyle Gebhart this week. Kyle is absolutely top-notch, as you who know him will testify to. One of Kyle’s distinguishable characteristics is that he is an original thinker, which, around here, is like a water-spouting fire hydrant on a hot day in Alabama. Kyle is quick-witted, intelligent, kind and humble. You gotta get to know this guy.

Kyle’s wordcast is one of the regulars on my daily route. This post made me respect him even more. This post made me laugh, and this one made me rethink my life. Check him out, but keep this in mind and let him do his thing.

So here’s to Kyle…he’s a NightWatch Champion, Exceptional Advice-Giver, Conversation-Firecracker and Social Highlight. Oh, and Big-Beard Bearer as well.  Go Kyle!


  1. Firstly, I give a hearty amen to all the good stuff you said about Kyle. He’s a terrifically cool person (AND has a good wordcast to boot).

    Secondly, it really amuses me to think of calling him homie. Not sure why, but it makes me smile.

  2. Molly Mosack

    It is pretty funny, isn’t it? But Kyle is definitely a homie. And you should tell him that. 🙂

  3. [I] Thank God I finally got with the 21st century and started using an RSS reader. With all this advertising you IHOP people are doing for each other, my reading list is expanding at a ludicrous rate.

  4. Steve & Amanda

    can me and Amanda be your homie(s) of the year?

  5. Molly Mosack

    You guys are more like homies of the decade…that’s just how cool you are.

  6. Hey, I have the same first name as one of the homies of the decade. Wonder if that qualifies me for “second-hand homie.” “Homonym homie.” “Homie by association.”

    Or maybe I should stop talking. That sounds like a good idea, too. 😀

  7. Molly Mosack

    My fav is “homonym homie” – go with it!

  8. i think my most notable quality is that i am bearded…

  9. Hey, the homie himself! Hi homie!

  10. Yeah Kyle’s cool… his bread is cool too…

  11. Zack,did you really mean bread? I’m thinking you meant beard, but if Kyle’s got some sweet breadmaking business on the side, hook me up!

  12. umm… yeah I did…uh but ironically enough kyle does make good bread… and has a nice beard…

  13. The bready, beardy wonder…

  1. 1 I CHANGED MY MIND. « macaroni and cheese

    […] 28, 2007 in homie of the week So, I sat down to honor the next “Homie of the Week” and I realized that I’m not done with Kyle being the Homie yet. A week is too short. His […]

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