The small things do matter. Here’s a list of five small things that might make you feel happy if you do them. Here’s to smiling.

#1. Brush your teeth for 5 minutes straight.  Really brush em good, every nook and cranny, finish up with floss and and a little mouthwash.  Now tell me that doesn’t feel good.

#2. Listen to “In the Hall of the Mountain King” – the version by Eric Hammerstein and the London Promenade Orchestra is my favorite.  You can search for it here. Turn your volume all the way up and close your eyes. Repeat.

#3. Clean under your bed. Turning in for the night will feel so much better.

#4. Play a game of pick-up basketball.  Grab some friends, a ball, and head for the park.  Play hard. Then wonder why you don’t do it more often.

#5. Get gel inserts for your shoes. Your feet will think they’re on vacation.  They’re not. But it seems like they are.


  1. ugh…i hate brushing my teeth…it’s almost as bad as the word ‘gird’.

  2. I brush my teeth- which as good looking as I am I have really yellow crusty teeth…I also suck at flossing my teeth- I find myself scratching my teeth and scraping all the plaque off.

  3. Molly Mosack

    I can’t believe I get to be friends with you two. Ear to ear, gentlemen.

  4. Molly Mosack

    I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to handle a theme that doesn’t show people’s pics…ug! I’m sick of the drawing board!

  5. #4 is scary for me. I have supra-athletic friends, and I’m rather unathletic.

    1-3 definitely sound good, though (#5 costs money…)

  6. Steve & Amanda

    i’ve had gel inserts for years! i testify to their *happiness*

  7. Amen. Our feet are having a party, and no one even knows it.

  8. Idhrendur – 3 things to make you happy isn’t so bad…:)

  9. honk and wave at every passing car. that makes my day. elderly drivers often wave and smile. you really brighten a community. 🙂

  10. Good call, Rob! Once, I was driving down the street with my window down and I sneezed just as I passed a guy on the curb and he yelled out, “bless you!” I got such a kick out of it.

  11. Well, I’m a horrible procrastinator. Nevertheless:

    1. No mouthwash. But oral hygiene is good!

    2. Ah yes…though it makes me miss being in a Wind Ensemble.

    3. Well, I still need to do this. I doubt the other guys living in this house would appreciate a vacuum cleaner running at 2 am.

    4. Well, I substituted a few miles of rollerblading (a few weeks ago). But exercise -> endorphins -> happiness.

    5. Seeing as God gave me $2000, I decided I could afford some. My eight hour shift tomorrow well be the test. They had better be worth the effort of actually getting them in my shoes 🙂

  12. Idhrendur – So, you were in a wind ensemble? What did you play? I used to play the flute. Good times.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t vacuum if I were you. Broom? 🙂

    I love rollerblading! You’re right – however you can get those endorphins pumpin!

    Hee hee yeah those inserts are really fun to try to get into the shoe, huh? I think you’ll be happy you did.

  13. I played percussion. My senior year of high school, I started doing Jazz percussion, and I did that for three years in community college. I did two semesters of wind ensemble in community college, but they changed the schedule, so I wasn’t able to anymore.

    Flute, eh? That is good times. Did you ever do any marching band?

    The inserts do seem to be worth the effort. And today is one of those days where I’m glad to get any advantage.

  14. Idhrendur – Jazz percussion? Sweet. I never did marching band. Just “sitting still flute playing”. 🙂

    Glad the inserts worked! Sorry you had “one of those days” – that’s stinky.

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