Keep your seatbelts on. Once again, you’re in for a ride if you’re visiting me today. The quest for the perfect site layout continues. In fact, if you’d like to, comment on which factors you’d like to see enhanced on my site. At the top of my list are the following:

  • Readability
  • Simplicity in organization and layout
  • Easy navigation

Feel free to share any tips/opinions with me! 


  1. I liked the look of your last layout, but this one’s readability is way, way better…

  2. I feel the exact same way…I’ll miss the look of the old, but Oh! To read again…:)

  3. Steve & Amanda

    buy some hosting and you can perfectly customize one of the thousands of blog templates out there. i htink wordpress only has like 40 templates available!

  4. Molly Mosack

    I’m looking into blue host…just wondering if it’s worth my while as I don’t know too much HTML or CSS…just the basics…what do you know?

  5. Steve & Amanda

    i know shawn blanc…nuff said.

    ok, but seriously, he sells his own hosting and can get you set up w/ a blog for a small fee. im considering it myself. you basically just need to browse through the thousands of blog templates available on the web and see what layout you like the most…then shawn can probably get u set up with some basic css and graphics to get you rolling. theme consistency bliss awaits you!

  6. Steve & Amanda

    btw-i think i like this theme the most for you. the last one was pretty sweet as well tho.

  7. Thanks! I thought the last one was kinda cool with the fork and stuff, but this one seems way more attractive and I agree that it’s the best so far. You guys have the coolest WP theme available, IMHO.

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