You know, that bright and shiny moment each day, week or month that you look forward to, that lifts you up above the same old, same old, and recharges you for more of the same old, same old. Do tell.

Mine happens to be Saturday, 3:30-5:30pm.  For two hours I get to connect with my Sacred Trust team at our weekly meeting.  It’s basically Dave Sliker and us 12 girls laughing for two hours straight. I have never been around a group of people who are so genuine, functional and substantial yet can divert into immediate and unabashedly juvenile comedy routines at the drop of a hat.  It is so enjoyable.  

When I leave that meeting I have a full endorphin rush from all the laughter and a head and heart full of vision of what God is doing in this House of Prayer. I love my team! They are excellent women (plus Dave) who do their job with diligence and faithfulness.  They are lighthearted, meek and pleasant to be around all of the time.  Being with them is the highlight of my week.

 A close second is the hour and a half I spend at the gym some mornings (and by ‘some’ I mean far, far less than I should be going). It feels so good to work out! 

 So…what’s yours?


  1. standonthewall

    Those banana pudding shakes at Sonic

    and also the prayer room.

  2. I think my favorite and least favorite day are the same. Tuesday. I set 10 hours aside on Tuesday to be in the Prayer Room, and I love it. And then I am uncomfortable and terribly aware of my screwed-updedness and my desperate need. And I don’t love it… but I do love it.
    Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  3. Probably the Tuesday 6pm…it’s been my favorite set for months. I love love love love it.

    Another highlight, and I know this sounds kind of lame, but it’s true…would have to be time by myself at home. Usually once every couple weeks it just so happens that everyone is out of the house, and it’s just me and Jesus. That’s when it gets really good. That might be better than the Tues 6pm, actually…

  4. maggiepowell

    Saturday is one of my very favorite days that I look forward to every week. I do lots of stuff on Saturdays…be with family, friends, Jesus…read a good book…clean house…do laundry. Basically just me chillin’. Good times.

  5. kylegebhart

    i would say our little writers cadre on fridays is quickly becoming a highlight each week.

  6. My moment is at 6:30 on Friday evening, when I leave my prophecy team’s debriefing…exhausted, but overjoyed at having built up and edified the Church for the last two hours…knowing the weekend is before me…

    Other “moments” include time spent alone with G-d outside somewhere, usually at Shiloh. Also my office’s monthly breakfast meeting, where we laugh a lot (usually at Motlong) and snarf bacon.

  7. adamhanly

    Well, i found out your comment was marked as spam, probably for being huge.

    so im reading it now.
    it’s now in there.

  8. Spam? That’s funny. I do deserve some sort of punishment for submitting such a ridiculously long comment. It should be illegal to leave comments that long. Sorry, bro!

    So what’s your highlight?

  9. Brooke – I’ve never had banana, but I love the chocolate ones.

    Josh – I like “screwedupdedness.”

    Kyle – I agree. I love that meeting! L-O-V-E.

    Ducky – snarfing bacon sounds really good right now.

  10. emilymea

    @IHOP – walking home as the sun is rising to go to bed

    @home – friday night with the single’s group after bible study

  11. My favorite moment in the week is Thurs. morning. It’s my day off and I just drink coffee, read the word and meditate on Jesus. I wish I could start every day like that, knowing I don’t have any responsibilities till noon, dang responsibilities. Oh, well, Thurs. morn makes my responsibilities somewhat enjoyable.

  12. My highlight is date night with my wife and saturdays (my day off).

  13. Anna

    aw shucks. Can anyone say brownie points?

  14. Benjamin Wood

    The highlight of my days are the 6am intersession meetings. Is so good to fill my spirit with worship first thing in the morning. It deserves my cry of joy… BOO YA!

  15. adamhanly


    Just started working out at the gym, so now I enjoy that, ironically, i used to hate anything physical. So i like it, but as a highlight? maybe there’s something better.

    1. Getting iced tea for Anne at culvers way out in Lee’s Summit even though it is just Lipton iced tea… it’s a good little break from this 1 mile radius i’m always in. Even better, the smile that is on her face when she gets the tea.

    2. Doing my studies & work for my boss outside on the patio on a warm, breezy spring day.

    And what’s with the 100 styles per hour?

  16. hmmm. Highlights – I would have to say it’s a toss up between Sat. and Sunday. Saturday I do a “long run” (training for a half-marathon. Next week I’m scheduled for 7mi), and then afterwards I eat alot and read and/or chill with friends. Sunday – do the 6am, get coffee at 8am, and go to church at 10am, then have the rest of the day to chill with my husband. Can I just say I love my husband. He’s so rad.

  17. zachary wood

    my highlight has to be tuesday at midnight because we always go to ihop and pound an enormous amount of not healthy food after not eating for an entire day and i also like it when i write extremely long run-on sentences.

  18. Going to breakfast with Z every friday morning…I spend the 4-6am thinking about swirly pancakes and bacon smothered in catsup….

    I also enjoy coming home and taking off my socks and picking my toes then giving Z a big hug…i love him to death…

  19. Does Zack know you pick your toes before you give him a big hug?

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