I am repeating Matt Hartke’s most recent post – I want to make sure it is noised abroad.

If you are new to WordPress, you should read this and this, posted by Shawn Blanc.

Also, I would suggest that when you create a link, always choose to “open link in the same window.”

This helps your readers keep all their web activity limited to one window, and they don’t end up with bunch of web windows chillin down in their startbar. You know, all those little web windows you have to close when you’re done surfin’. Annoying. Maybe that’s just my own personal preference, though.


  1. Steve & Amanda

    yo, i disagree with the *open new window* deal. i cant stand when i end up going down a clicking trail and have to hit the back button 100 times to get back to the original page I visited. i’d rather just close the window and be looking at what i was just looking at!

    im with you on snap though!

  2. I can understand that clicking the back button 100 times would be frustrating. There’s an easier way though – just use your history quick find to get you back to where you started. It’s one click and you keep your windows clean the whole time.

    Either way works fine, I just hate having to clean up my mess afterwards, and when there are too many windows down there, it gets hard to tell what’s what anyways. Also, with many of the IHOP wordcasts, their own wordcast roll contains a link to someone I want. If not, I just use my history.

    I guess it just comes down to personal preference, which is cool.

    Love you guys! And hope you had a great birthday, Steve!

  3. Steve & Amanda

    come to my BBQ thursday!

  4. Sweet! I’m down like Charlie Brown.

  5. lostinthedetails

    Hey Molly! I love you too! I was excited that you were “wordcasting” because I love everything you do! I don’t know why all I am using is exclamation marks!!!!

    I actually didn’t underline my who blog but some else told me that was happening too. I can’t see it on my page. I am confused. Maybe it is the layout. I am new to this whole wordpress thing so any help would be awesome. Don’t worry… I already took off the snap preview.

    So – yes. I am in Sac as of 3 weeks now. I was tired of Tennessee and my heart was dying. I tried to call you when I drove through KC but you didn’t answer and your voice mail didn’t pick up. It was strange.

    Anyway… I love you. I miss you. I would love to talk to you soon.

    The Bridge

  6. No, no, no, this is not just your personal preference. It’s totally a performance issue. When your blog is spawning window after window willy-nilly, not only is it tacky, but it’s forcing your reader’s computers to open up new window after new window, causing a performance hit. Most new browsers have tabbed browsing anyhow and let you really easily shift-click to open them in a new tab.

    Love the site, btw.

  7. Steve & Amanda

    tabbed browsing is great! i love it.

  8. @Jesse: Can you explain tabbed browsing to me? Is it something I can enable on my site?

    Thanks for using “willy-nilly” in your comment – that made my day!

  9. @ Steve: Jesse is right. Plus did you know that the no follow attribute is invalid XHTML? Just a little tip if you’re trying to get SEO.

    NFL style.

    – SB

  10. @ Molly: Tabbed browsing is when all your different websites that your looking at are within the same window but different tabs.

    If your using firefox on windows (which you should be) then pressing “CTR + T” opens a new tab. You can read more about firefox shortcuts here.

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