I’m sick today 😦 and can’t muster up a whole lot of energy to do stuff, but I did manage to modify most of the descriptions of the peeps on my list of “who you should check out” (Yes I do hate the term “blogroll” enough to use that ridiculously long sentence instead).

So, check em out – you know, they’re the little boxes that pop up when you place your cursor over someone’s name.  I love that feature!  It’s like opening a little present. Currently my favorite description is the one I ascribed to Emily Russell, who – give it up – is now wordcasting! I’m also particularly fond of the descriptions I gave to…

Ron Downing, Dave Sliker, Nate Wood and Zach Wood. I guess I really shouldn’t be that proud of myself for the last two.  I know you are groaning.

So what are some of your own favorites (either from your own ‘wordcast roll’ or others’)?  I’ve seen some clever descriptions out there.  You should check out Sliker’s description of Sarah Sun Kim.  Some have asked me how you fill out a description…it’s simply by adding text to the box that says “description” when you’re adding a link (on WordPress) or “title” when you’re creating a link in a post.  So if you haven’t already, tear it up, because it is highly entertaining to me and probably everyone else! 


  1. heartafteryou

    we missed you today! be healed in the name of Jesus

  2. I’m sorry you’re sick, Molly. But you do have the best description boxes I personally have ever witnessed! I almost laughed out loud in the PR.

    Not sure I understand mine, though…

  3. Molly, you are my friend.

    – Shawn

  4. standonthewall

    Feel better Molly! We missed you last night…

  5. Yeah, I like David’s description of my name. It seems like such an obvious quip, yet I’ve never heard anyone else say it.

    “Avast belay, yo ho, heave to,
    A-pirating we go!”

  6. I just called Sliker, “David.” I don’t know why that seems like such an oddity to me when it’s his name… I find myself almost always referring to him as “David” and then correcting myself by saying either “Dave” or “Sliker.” Strange.

  7. Sunny! I missed you too…

    Amanda – you are a secret weapon because you kind of slip under the radar with your unassuming, humble nature but when you open your mouth and say something it’s like BLAM! A good BLAM.

    Shawn – dang, now I have to change your description. 🙂

    Standonthewall – thanks! But who are you?

    Sarah Sun – I must say, I have been enjoying your little blasts of rappin that you’ve been dropping all over the place. By the way, Dave likes being called David. I don’t think I personally could ever call him David. It would be like calling Mike Bickle “Michael.” Can you imagine? Love you.

  8. Michael Bickle. Say it aloud, and one might surmise as to why he goes by “Mike Bickle”

  9. You’re right!
    Michael Bickle picked a pickle
    Michael Bickle makes me giggle
    the name just gives me quite a tickle
    Michael Bickle, Michael Bickle

  10. Shawn, changed it! This time it’s accurate fo sho.

  11. Steve & Amanda

    i like *the grizzler* …i don’t get it but it just seems to fit though!

  12. I don’t get it either! But, it’s the tagline of his wordcast – “musings of a grizzler” – and, unfortunately, I simply don’t know the cat well enough to describe him any other way. It does seem fitting though, doesn’t it?

  13. Molls – hope you’re feeling better. I miss you… You’re the best and you’re site is one of my favs.. You are an amazing blogger.. Ahhhem, I mean, “wordcaster-er” 🙂

    I love you!

  14. Heba! What I want to know is, where’s your wordcast? That would be a special treat. Love you…and miss you TONS.

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