My apologies if you are trying to read my wordcast today.  I recently noticed some funny quirks that bugged me about the theme previously declared THE ONE. I’m very particular. So, the search for the perfect theme continues.  And I have to see it all laid out before I can choose, so I’m systematically going through each one.  I HAVE to do this – I know some of you understand.  I won’t be able to rest until it’s just how I like it.  So, hang on if you’re tracking with me today.  It might actually be fun, like a rollercoaster.


  1. Esther Myung

    Molly, this is really pretty. I like your style and I like you. You really have an excellent spirit on you. I like that about you. Oh, I can understand about being “particular.” Anyways, this is your BLOG – do whatever your SOUL DESIRES! Girl, go for it!

  2. Jane Chao


    i like you miss molly

  3. Janey! I like you too…a lot! I just called you Janey.

  4. erink

    I love you molly! I am really excited to be checking your “wordcast” on a regular basis! 🙂

  5. Whoo-hoo! Likewise, woman. You are, indeed, the coolest. Love you!

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