This is a most honorable tribute to the one and only Jared Diehl.  If you haven’t yet, you’ll want to check out The Boargees Pig.


  1. Yep this is horrible…that eagle looks like he wants to eat right now….why did you send me this why I am in the PR….whatever- I love it because that eagle has better communication skills then me(maybe because they are sharp and smart- only from the Sky…this makes no sense(maybe it does)…whatever I need to turn my computer off and pace so everyone will think I am cool again( you know that guy that paces and stares(just like the eagle)…this is so prophetic its insane…..okay bye—bye Molly throw a brick at me

  2. I like how your title is a knockoff from my funny lines: which I stole from other comedians…I am smarter than you most likely( actually I am humbled that you have a degree…so don’t take me like I am really smart, take me like smart and cool but humble and unafraid to let the words roll(off the tips of my tongue)…and if its off…it just is…these are my philosophies and I think the kid on the mic just tried to sound like me(and his name is also my name so that is possible) and he has a raspy voice right now(like track one when I screamed unceasingly for 10 minutes because CR did it so we should all do it- its weird how the world goes around-that columbus guy was so dumb- okay bye

  3. Yup, I feel like I just had two shots of eXpresso, reading those two crazy piles of words – talk about bricks. You need to write words to me every day. That would be happiness!

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