My favorite quote of the week!


  1. Quotes with crap in them get my vote.. Rock on

  2. Molly MO!

    I fell across your blog and it’s like music to my ears… because I literally feel like I can hear you saying every word that you write!
    So good to feel a little closer to a long lost friend!
    Love ya girl, Sara LePage-atini

  3. Thanks Chuck – I feel the same way. That’s why I love Jane Chao!

    Sara! I miss you, homegirl! I like the LePage-atini handle – very endearing. Hope you and Jonathan are doing well!

  4. Jane Chao

    YAY!!!! I’M QUOTED!!!
    although i’m not sure if i want to go down in history as the giirl that says crap…….

  5. hee hee! I love you Jane.

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