My lack of categories is stressing me out.  I only have three and they are such a random assortment – it kind of makes me nervous.  And the sin one is just glaring.  If you only have three categories, one of them shouldn’t be sin.  I should wait till I have at least 10 more before I add sin.  But, there it is.  So, meanwhile, I’ll bite my fingernails and try to write stuff that I can make up another category for.  Yay – this one constitutes a new category! Now I have four. Let that sink in a bit.

Speaking of ‘yay’, let’s talk about this for a second…because Michael Sorge and I recently had an exciting discussion about the spelling of the word.  It was exciting in that I was excited.  Let’s review the different ways that people try to spell ‘yay’ in emails and such (or anywhere you would write words).

YEAH – obviously not ‘yay’ -it says ‘yeah’.  And vice versa.

YA – apparently the swedish chef is writing me an email.

YEA – apparently God is writing me an email.

YAH – I think the swedish chef from Wisconsin is writing me an email.

YE – This is so absurd I don’t even want to talk about it.

And, in my humble opinion, the obvious, correct choice, YAY. 


  1. ummm. your randomness is much glorious. yeah. i mean…yay!

  2. yeah…you have a blog too!!! whoot whoot!
    sad that i had to miss prayer room. didn’t want to contaminate all of you

  3. it’s so refreshing to find a blog that’s funny. ha ha, you’re funny.

  4. Kyle – I am glad you find glory. yay!

    Sunny – get better and come back because we miss you!

    Nathan Wood – which one? Thanks! I’m trying so hard to see your pic but it’s teeny tiny on my screen.

  5. Love your blog…er…wordcast Miss Molly Mo! Hey, don’t worry about being category challenged…you are not the only one! I have had the same problem! Love ya!

  6. Yay. Nay. Aye. Arr. (The last one is what Slikerchaun would say when he wears his eyepatch.)

  7. try ‘jee’ it’s exclusive, looks cool and it’s the dutch translation of ‘yay’ 🙂

  8. Believe it or not, I am commenting because of yay and because of yay alone.

    I am in total agreement with you. It’s yay.

    It actually drives me crazy when people try to use yeah as yay. They are completely different words. And it makes me worry that people will misread what I type… because they are turning yeah into yay.

    Oy… english.

  9. Cara Jean! Hey Hey…thanks for the support.

    Sarah Sun – did we get those shoes to Slikerchaun? We need to, immediately. 🙂

    Ruth – I wonder if people would think I was trying to say “gee?” I don’t want to cause further confusion, but maybe it would work!

    Christine – I totally believe it, cuz I would too! Thanks for agreeing with me – it’s a hard burden to bear on my own! Oy indeed.

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