I realized yesterday that I have a spirit of murder, most noticably expressed when I am driving down Jackson Road behind someone going 5 miles BELOW the speed limit, if you can believe it (which you probably do, because you know how people drive here in Missouri). Not that I want to outright kill the person, but when we approach the intersection of Grandview and Jackson, I hope and pray that they will turn and get out of my way. I want them gone. That is the spirit of murder. It’s the way we feel about that one person who drives us nuts…we avoid them when we see them approaching, we dislike interacting with them, they annoy us, etc. We don’t want to kill them, but we just want them to go away. We wouldn’t mind if we never had to deal with them again. In fact, that would be preferable. That is a spirit of murder. Ouch. Let me drive this home to my IHOP fam – how do you feel when someone takes your spot in the Prayer Room? What kind of thoughts do you think towards that person? What do you wish that person would do? Stay? Or, go? Maybe I’m being a little extreme, or…maybe not. 🙂


  1. ron

    welcome to the wordcast world (stolen from sliker!) add me to your blogroll and maybe i will give you my seat from now on!


  2. molly

    Thanks! Don’t worry – I gave Sliker the glory on my Wordcast page! I will add you fo sho.

  3. Steve & Amanda

    come strong b/c I know that feeling for sure!

  4. Steve & Amanda

    get a revelation of our own depravity and barrenness while simultaneously blessing the other person and repenting! aka – take the opportunity to tangibly feel and live the sermon on the mount…our hearts will change.

  5. Steve, you should lead a prayer room team or something…:)

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